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The most unique thing was that there were classes available that were online but required reseidency programs that allowed for a connection with other students that may not have been made in the online classroom. The residency classes allowed for some very interesting relationships to build as well as for interaction that was not available in distance learning only programs.


What is most unique about Gonzaga is the community produced here. When touring the school, my guide seemed to know everyone. Every part of campus she was waving at someone or saying hi to another. I wanted that; I wanted somewhere I felt like I belong. I have found that at Gonzaga.


It has a very unique community because the community is so strong.


This school has a very good community and everyone feels welcome and that is one of the best things I like about this school. The small classes are also very unique which makes learning much easier and more one on one and valuable to the students.


I am a city girl and Spokane is not a city at all. But although it does not have a lot of malls, that is what I enjoy of Gonzaga's location. I know I won't be distract a lot, but when I am distracted it will be something active, such as hiking, walking by the river, rock climbing, or ice skating. Gonzaga is a school that looks big, but it is not and that is what I like the most. The small community that allows eveyone to meet everyone.


What's unique about Gonzaga University applies more or less to the minority. When i say minority i mean all other ethnicities/ races that are not the majority (predominantly white). I am african american, so from that i acknowledge that i have to double the effort of my white peers to get the same grade or better grade. This uniqueness has also allowed me to se life in a different perspective. Being around a white community tells me that what I do with my life does matters and extremely important. But it does not mean i speak for my race


I don't feel lost in the classroom or on campus. My biggest class has 40 students, so the professor can get to know you. Around campus I feel like I already know a lot of people despite it being only my first year. Gonzaga is a big school with the "small school feel."


The one thing that stands out to anyone who visits or attends Gonzaga University is its incredible sense of community. With a total of just over 6,000 students, (including both graduate and undergraduate ,) GU is big enough that you meet someone new every day, but small enough that you see people you know, no matter where you are on campus. Gonzaga is a Jesuit institution, but you do not need to be religious to be part of this community. When I toured other schools around the country, no other university's sense of community stood out like Gonzaga's.


Very prestigious. It actually lives up to its reputation.


When you walk on to this campus it just feels like home. The people are a family and they respect each other as such. This school is not only preparing me to be a good worker in the the work force, but to be a complete and good person as well.


its small and has a good atmosphere that surrounds the basketball program. It's engineering school has small classes and intelligent professors


It is located in a relatively non-urban city. Though Spokane is one of the largest cities in the northwest, it is not as developed as Seattle or Honolulu (the locations of other schools I considered). Thus, Gonzaga is one of least ethnically diverse schools I applied to, if not the least. The climate of its location is also unique with its four seasons.


Gonzaga has a very strong community. Students are so proud to be Zags! Gonzaga also is service focused. There is a very strong volunteer base on campus.


The jesuit factor.


Top-tier athletics, while still academically focused.


The Jesuit tradition and style of learning.


Gonzaga is in the coldest and snowiest climate compared to other schools I considered. It is also in a smaller city. The student body is very welcoming, inclusive, casual, and spirited.


The faculty are extremely helpful and dedicated. The will remember your face and name better than anywhere else. The students are also very accepting of the new things they do encounter, and like to explore new possibilities when available.


Hardcore tribute to Gonzaga University, a private, Jesuit college in Spokane, Washington.


I'm not a big fan of the dances at Gonzaga. Most of them play nothing but rap songs and they're always cross-faded, so it's like one big rap song. However, there was a dance I went to that featured a live swing bad. I enjoyed that immensely


GU is amazing...you should go! End of story.


Generally good schoo great study abroad opertunities!


There's no student union building on campus, but there's a good recreation facility for working out, playing pick-up games of basketball, racquetball, and intramural sports. On a typical school night, for guys, you can probably find yourself hanging out with other people and doing a little homework while watching TV or a movie, going out late to grab a bite to eat, playing some video games, shooting some pool, and just hanging out and having fun. Time flies by in college; there's always something to do.


The administration sucks, especially regarding the curriculum. There are so many garbage core classes that there are very few remaining credits for expanding students' educations.


Gonzaga is a wonderful school that is welcoming of any student who is committed to embracing the opportunities that are available to them.


I have had a very good experience at Gonzaga overall. I would encourage just about anyone to come here. The main problem is the cost. If you have a good academic record going into Gonzaga, financial aid is very generous. However, if you are unable to get a considerable amount in academic scholarships and need-based grants (and even if you are), expect to leave Gonzaga with ALOT of debt.


I love Gonzaga! It is a place that I hope everyone has a chance to experience. College is supposed full of wonderful experiences, and I hope that every student has a chance to experience in college what I experience at Gonzaga everyday!


Not going to sugar coat it, it was the worst freshman year experience of my life and will not be returning. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.


It's an awesome school. I'd recommend it.


Weather is the thing that gets most students pretty frustrated. I am a huge fan of snow but I have learned over the years that some people don't appreciate it as much. So, be prepared for that. Spokane usually gets about 2-3 feet a year but this year was exceptionally long and it even snowed a bit in June. There isn't much rain however, and definite seasons.. the fall is beautiful. Gonzaga is wonderful. Enjoy!






Come to Gonzaga, you'll love it!


First year dorms suck and it is hard to get into the really good dorms even as a second year student.


GU is a great low-stress school. Nothing we have is very prestigious, but nothing we have is absolute crap either. It's basically a bunch of people with two priorities (in this order): Having fun and learning.


YOu forgot about those of us who are not typical straight out of high school BA students.




Gonzaga truly is an amazing place, it just may take a little while to figure out where you truly belong or you many want to be envolved in everything and have to figure out what your priorities are going to be.


The administration is very supportive of student athletes, so if you're an athlete and looking for a school to treat you well, Gonzaga is the place for you. The althetic department is very helpful and the facilities are great.


Spokane is a really boring city, so most of the time all the students have to stay on campus for lack of better things to do.




Its cold in the winter, hot in the summer, and the fall and spring are the best times to be at Gonzaga - the students are outside, playing frisbee, doing homework and BBQing all day long!


Gonzaga is a great place that I am proud to call home.


This place is terrible, do yourself a favor and go somewhere fun.


:*) go zags


You'll get sick of Spokane pretty quickly, but the school is great!


Gonzaga is sweet!


If you are okay with becoming someone who you are not, you should go to Gonzaga. If you like to drink and go out to party you should go here. If you are not a drinker there is nothing else to do...... So good luck!


Gonzaga has been a wonderful experience for me. It is small enough so that you feel a sense of community but large enough that you have a diverse population. I am glad that I chose Gonzaga for my undergraduate studies. I would encourage anyone to attend that is academically motivated and that wants more that just a basic higher education experience.


I would just say make sure you stay with someone before you come here, NOT DURING GEL, so that you can get a feel for the real campus. That way there isn't any special accommodation going on and you don't get the sugar coated version. Also it is helpful to see how students really live, so you can see if thats something you really want to do.