Gonzaga University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about my accounting classes.


I tell them that I love my roommate, I have made a lot of new friends, and the classes aren't as hard as I thought they would be.


When I come home and tell my friends about my school, I always say how nice the people are there. Washington seems like a whole other world compared to Florida and the people are so friendly and helpful!


The one thing I brag most about Gonzaga University to others about is the strong sense of community you will find here. Everyone is super friendly and you immediately feel welcome and at home. At GU you feel like you are a part of something bigger, you feel like you are a part of a huge family; a community.


I brag about the excellent academics! I feel that I am learning so much more than people who go to boring state universities. Gonzaga University really emphasizes on your total self learning and growing to become a better individual, and I love that about my school! The class size is perfect, the campus is beautiful (and Spokane is a great city!), and of course, who doesn't love Gonzaga basketball? The school pride here is fantastic!


I brag mostly about Gonzaga's amazing basketball team. They have won their WCC league for ten straight years as well as competing and placing repeatedly in the NCAA tournament. Our team really began to build a reputation for success in the last ten years. With international recruiting and the reputation of greatness, Gonzaga has consistently made a name for itself as one of the best times on the nation


the basketball dynasty that has been built over the years.


I love the community that there is at this school. Right from the begining they make everyone feel like they are a part of something great.


One of the really unique things about this school is how open minded and accepting the students are of one another. It truly does not feel cliquey, and friendships are formed among all different kinds of people. As many of my friends have put it, everyone is kind of friends with everyone here.


our basketball team


How I know almost everyone on campus.


I love that Gonzaga has a strong commitment to academics and Jesuit ideals. I have not yet had a class with more than 60 students in it and the majority of classses are less than 35 students. The small class size allows for a more in-depth relationship with teachers and stimulates discussion and questions. This setting teaches students to think for themselves. I am also proud of the academic and social commitments to Jesuit ideals. The university offers many spiritual retreats and volunteering opportunities that are community based.


I brag to my friends that Gonzaga University has such a strong academic cirriculum, it is viewed very highly by potential employers.


Our basketball team!


The basketball team


The bottom line is that it is better than their school. They pay twice as much to go to some fancy WCC California school and I pay half as much and we still beat them in all our sports.


The friendly, genuine people. The support of the faculty, and the intimate nature of a smaller university.


I love how I can walk to class and know a majority of the people walking past me. I love the dorm situation. Gonzaga does a good job making it a safe, open and loving community. I also love how I have small class sizes and teachers who care. There are a lot of opportunities and extra curricular things to get invovled in. I also love the location. There is a lot of places to go and do outdoors things. Canada, Idaho, Montana and Seattle are very close and fun places to get away and go see something new.