Gonzaga University Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


Preppy rich kids


Hmmm... the only thing I can think of is the stereotype of Gonzaga being a religious college and possibly that the students follow the same faith at Gonzaga.


Gonzaga is often seen as a medium to small Catholic instituition that is strict. Sometimes the students are judged as snobbish to other Universities or people who are different, considering we don't have a lot of diversity on campus.


That the school is full of pretentious rich kids.


Most people think that Zags are rich, boring, overachievers who just study and don't have fun.


Gonzaga students are stuck in this Jesuit school because they've been raised religious and act like like junior high kids who sneak out of their parents' house trying to be bad.


I think that the greatest stereotype about Gonzaga students is that we are all really religious kids, when in actuality so many of us are not. While Gonzaga is a Jesuit school and they do require students to take religion classes, many of the students aren't religious or don't have a religious background. Another stereotype of Gonzaga I think would be that we are all focused on basketball. While basketball is our biggest and most recognized sport it is certainly not the main focus of the school or the students. However it does provide a great outlet for students and faculty to get away from the pressures of the school year for a while.


Religious, Socialists, Involved, Spirited,


Kids that are rich and arrogant and go to the school because their parents did.


Gonzaga students are all white, thin, american-eagle wearing "goodie-goods"


All GU students play basketball All GU students come from wealthy families


Preppy, upper middle class, jocks, everyone is friendly


Gonzaga is a family and a community that can't be touched. It is a place where every person feels at home. The community is always there


like the outdoors, wear jeans and sweatshirts or northface everyday, friendly community, students are really into basketball


That we dont like homosexuals, and we are not a party school. And the students are wealthy.


Upper middle class white kids. Really care about social justice.


I would say that one of the biggest stereotypes about Gonzaga Students is that they are really religious and/or of a Catholic faith.


The they're a bunch of "rich kid" types who have been in private schools their entire lives.


That they are very similar~ its the only stereotype I've heard




Heavy Drinkers, Rich Kids.


welcoming and down to earth


Many people believe that "all the students at Gonzaga must be 'loaded' to be able to afford this school." In addition, a lot of people that consider Gonzaga assume that it's a stiff, Catholic university where religion is forced on you, or that you have to be ULTRA religious to come here. Gonzaga also has the stereotype of being a pretty challenging university, where you will get a good education.


Gonzaga is full of rich white kids. Gonzaga is a basketball school. Gonzaga Law is crap.


Some people think that the only type of people who go here are basketball fans and party animals.


One of the typical stereotypes would be that we are just a basketball school.


Stereotypes-That it is a law school only, that it is an elitist school and that only rich people go to Gonzaga. Students-that the students are snobs and that they are young and rich


That we are rich, snobby, good Catholic students.


I have heard from some employers that they like to hire Gonzaga grads because they have an awesome education and are solid people but they don't have the sense of entitlement and superiority that Ivy League students do.


That they are all wealthy and waste money partying all the time. That they are all here just for to have fun and get a degree. That all college students are sexually active. That they are all white. That they are all nice. That everyone is Catholic.


There is a stereotype that all Gonzaga students are upper middle class, white, catholic kids from Seattle...and that we all have every color of Northface fleeces.


Everyone is from Seattle. There is no diversity.


That they are all a bunch of stuck up rich white kids.


Rich, white, preppy


There are stereotypes that everyone is Catholic and white and that there is no diversity whatsoever. Because Gonzaga is a small school, people think they will know everyone on campus and that rumors fly across campus easily. Also, people think that Spokane is a boring, small city.


That we are all rich kids who have no ideas about real life.


They were rich snobs.


Primarily upper-middle class, rich, white Catholic kids whose parents are paying for their entire education. We're also known as somewhat of a party school.


I dont know any


Mostly upper-middle class white kids. Catholic. Many have been privately-schooled all their lives. Good academics. Great sports programs. Freezing cold.


The Majority of Gonzaga students come from either Washington, Oregon, Colorado, or Arizona. There are two general types of people at GU, the very studious individual who enjoys the small class size and what GU offers, and the second type of person at GU is the Upper class individual who has alumni connections to the school. You get a fair amount of jesus freaks resulting from the Jesuit traditions.


upper middle class white catholics.


rich and preppy and catholic


The biggest stereotype about Gonzaga University students are that everyone here is overly religious, because it is a small Jesuit school.


That all of the students come from upper-middle class families. That there is very little diversity. That the kids don't know how to have fun.


Jon Stewart on the Daily Show commented that all Gonzaga students are drunks and all the girls have crabs.


All Catholic kids, undercover party and drug school, rich white kids with money to spend on anything they wish, laid back atmosphere, located in horrible spokane, extremely nice and welcoming campus


We're all rich, the school is super religious.


That we're all conservative Catholics.


One stereotype I've heard is that all the students that go here come from a wealthy family and the students don't need a job or need to do anything to financially help support their educational expences.