Gonzaga University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is driven to succeed, but realizes that success is not all about academics.


The type of student that should attend this school is the student that will be focused on their future. This school is not for someone who wants to party, or have the "typical" college experience. This school is more focused on academics, and it can be very helpful to someone's future if they are willing to study and take advatage of the resources that are provided.


This school is for someone who can manage time and be flexible in social situations. If there is one thing that hit me the most here, it would be the political diversity. Gonzaga is a Jesuit institution located in the more conservative side of the state, yet with an influx of students from Seattle, you have a meeting of left and right. I could point out every political tendancy from Marxists to Anarchists. With such diversity, you have to be able to hold your own, allow yourself to reshape with new information- and of course, learn to love these people.


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This school is full of kind and caring people who are outgoing and always willing to help others. Anyone who fits into those qualities and loves to learn but also loves being challenged would fit in great to this school.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who wants a more personal, intimate relationship with their teachers as well as other students. Due to its size, it's a very tight knit community. Extroverts are more likely to enjoy this environment, but if an inrovert were to attend, there are many places to get some peace and quiet at any given time. Gonzaga also has a very large college basketball following, so sports enthusiasts would enjoy this school's sporting events.


Student looking for a religious liberal arts education focused on developing well rounded individuals.


The kind of person that should attend Gonzaga University first of all is one that likes to be challenged and required to be pushed to their max. The faculty here at Gonzaga like to ensure that all of their students are putting their full effort into all of their work, and that they are doing it correctly. Secondly, if you like basketball, Gonzaga is definitely the right place for you. Gonzaga focuses a lot of its attention to its sports and many of the students here fully support all of the sports teams on campus.


Gonzaga is for students who are open, friendly, like to be outdoors, like to help other people, and like basketball. If you like to be involved and you like knowing most of the people in your classes, then come to Gonzaga.


Any person who is willing to work hard and who wants to join a school that delivers on academics should join this school. If you wish to go to a party school, Gonzaga is definately not the school for you. Even if you don't know what you want to end up doing after graduation, you are given time to take classes to find out. It does help if you know what you want to end up doing.


(My school wasn't actually listed, but this is the closest school to it. I attend Moody Bible Institute- Spokane.) Only people with a passion for God should apply to MBI. It is a school that is dedicated to preparing students for ministry either as a career and/or as a part of their Christian life. If you are looking for a private Christian University and are worrying about the cost of education, then MBI is the place for you. As a student at the main campus in Chicago, tuition is free because Moody believes in helping future ministers financially.


I think that almost anyone could come to this school and be accepted. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. I don't think I've met a single mean person on this campus. The teachers love all of their students and they want us all to do well. I've never witnessed any sort of discrimination against anyone and I've never heard of any as well. The only people that shouldn't come here are people that dislike the snow and cold weather.


Someone who is able to have a well rounded personality that is social, academic, and open minded.


A person who is really in to school events and wants to be involved. They should be friendly and like to be a part of a community. Kids who are focused on school, but also recognize that academics are not the only important thing in college are perfect here. Oh and they should love sports, this is a very althletic campus!


This school has a huge v ariety of students. Pretty much any personality can fit in here and find people they connect with.


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Someone who wants to work hard


Academically oriented individuals, who enjoy school spirit (attending athletic events) and desire to make life long relationships wtih the studetns surrounding them.


anyone who is open and friendly will fit in great in this relaxed and easy going environment


responsible, fun, active, motivated,


A person that is apart of their student council in high school . Someone that wants to be involved, someone that likes basketball. If you like the "going green" movement or skiing or snowboarding. If you want a quality school without the pricetag. If you thrive in a community enviornment.