Gonzaga University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who wants very large classes, as well as a greek system. Gonzaga has no fraternities or sororities whatsoever, so if someone prioritizes colleges by their likelihoood of parties and drugs, this school isn't the right for them. A staunch liberal or athiest may not feel welcome at this college as it generally leans to the conservative end, and is specifically a Jesuit college, so the majority of the school is religious.


A person that doesn't like to be around people or to open up and discuss one's personal views. This school is all about humanistic, Jesuit education, not just an academic achievement. Students learn not only scholastic infomation, but are taught what it means to be a proper human being in this world, what our duty is to one another as people. Everyone here is friendly and loves to strike up conversations with anyone so gregariousness is a must.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend Gonzaga is one who is confident and accepting of the current situation and refuses to question the status quo. Someone who is afraid to ask why and to challange the commonly accepted path is someone who shouldn't attend Gonzaga. The community is one of the best characteristics of GU and the people who make up that community are dedicated to learning, to truth, and to ethical and moral living.


Their is no type of person that should not attent Gonzaga. There is something for everyone, however those that do not like to know or recognize everyone they see on campus should not attend Gonzaga. Gonzaga is a much smaller school than many state schools. It is a private Jesuit University that is focused on not only providing you with an education but also focused on bettering you as a peson and individual.


The type of person that should not attend Gonzaga is one who does not like to go out and have a good time. The atmosphere of Gonzaga is all about going out and making new friends, joining new clubs, and just having fun. So if some one likes to be by themselves all the time then they definitely should not attend Gonzaga University.


Someone who is looking for a big college campus feel with large class sizes.


A person should not attend Gonzaga University if they do not have a strong desire to be challenged both academically as well as spiritually. While a religious background is not necessary to attend the institution, there is an obvious influence of Catholic teachings and expectations throughout the school. Also, the small campus in Spokane is not a suitable environment for students who thrive in a large city or a rural landscape.


Someone who wants to go to college to party. This school is based mainly on academics, athletics and an amazing catholic foundation.


Don't attend my school if you are against the Catholic church, dislike curfews, or have to wrok for the grades that you want.


If you do not like the snow then do not come to Gonzaga. On the other hand if you like the snow go for it since there are lots of mountains and places to ski/snowboard. Spokane gets all 4-seasons but for the most part winter is a long season


Someone who doesn't know how to balance a social and academic life.


people who don't care at all about a higher education