Gonzaga University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Online courses, with minimal time needed to go to the campus.


Gonzaga is a school completely saturated in a sense of community. Students know each other and greet each other when passing in the halls or on campus. Alumni will stop you on the street in other cities for wearing Gonzaga gear and greet you with enthusiasm and a sense of comraderie. It is a welcoming and friendly environment that strives to make each student feel welcomed and valued. It has been a priviledge to be a part of such a community.


The best thing about my school is definitely the community. It is small enough where you recognize most people that walk by and know a lot of people from classes, sports, intramurals, work, or community service, etc. People are always willing to share their notes and get together to study for exams. Gonzaga is a very open and friendly community with tons of school spirit, and I wouldn't change anything about that.


The atmosphere. Students and teachers alike just love to be here, nd when that happens, it makes learning actually fun, as corny as it sounds. The teachers are cool and personable, plus the small class sizes really afford students a solid relationship with their professors, who genuinely care about their students' well being. As for the students, as a freshman i was nervous how I would be "hazed" by the upperclassmen. Not the case; all students are welcomed and accepted in what could actually be called a brotherhood. We're all Zags and it is an awesome bond.


The best thing about Gonzaga is the class sizes and the standards of education. Gonzaga has small class sizes which creates a comfortable learning environment with my fellow students and allows me to develop a personal relationship with my teachers. I'm able to ask my teachers questions about the lesson we are learning before and after class. The standards of education at Gonzaga are both challenging and provide for some interesting core classes. The jesuits at Gonzaga design the core, so that Gonzaga students become well versed in several fields.


I love Gonzaga because the professors try to get to know their students. They are flexible, and the class sizes are small, so it is easy to learn.


The people. This includes alumni, professors, students and employees. There is a great sense of community combined with individual importance that makes each and every student feel individually important while connected to their peers. The whole school takes the death of a student as devastating as a athletics win is celebratory. Everyone is connected and truly cares about developing a better community while developing lasting friendships. All of this happens with a backdrop of spiritual and cultural education that rivals any university in the nation.


The best thing about Gonzaga is that the people there are very accepting of who you are. Despite being a Jesuit school they accept any person regarldess of thier beliefs. There are always people there who are willing o help and if you have trouble you can always find those who will try to get you out of it.


Without a doubt the best thing about Gonzaga is the enviroment. The Gonzaga community is incredibly friendly and very chill. Although, as a student, you can be wrapped up in the stress of exams and papers and being away from home, when you set foot on campus you don't get those stressful vibes. There is always someone there to smile at you as you walk by, or hold the door open for you as you head to class. It is a quality you don't find on other campuses.


I love the small class sizes and personal attention from the professors. The campus community and residence halls are also great.


Very tight knit and people are supportive of one another


I love Gonzaga because of it's ability to take a person and transform him or her into an adult who is ready to face and change the world. Gonzaga nurtures the hearts and minds of its students. The classes are small and so there is a lot of one on one time with professors which is very helpful. Also, the student body is very close knit due to its smaller size. Life long friends are made at Gonzaga.


The sense of community.


The best thing about Gonzaga is the sense of community and about of community service that it offers. They believe in making everyone feel welcome and loved and encourages everyone to give back to the community.


The size is a perfect medium between too small and too huge. You don't see the same faces all of the time, but it's not like you never see the same face twice.


The greatest element about Gonzaga is the students themselves. Each and every individual brings something special to the campus, and this diversity makes us very open and unique. Despite our differences, the campus is extremely welcoming and friendly, po;ar opposite to most experiences in high school. It doesn't matter if you are black or white, rich or poor, and athletic or artistic. You are guaranteed to make life-long friends, as no one will ever give you the cold shoulder or forget making aquaintances with you several weeks earlier.


The friendly attitudes, and the variety of classes offered in small sizes.


The friendly people, the academics, and the spirit.


The community feel because it isn't a very large school. It is easy to meet people.


The campus is smaller and there are fewer students then most state universities. This means that you really get to know the people that go here and build relationships with them.


the social networking, how we all look out for each other


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