Gonzaga University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is the cafeteria food. It is excellent some of the time, but poor at other times. This inconsistancy in food quality is what I consider to be the worst thing about my school.


The worst thing about Gonzaga is the same thing that made it the best, it allowed for distance learning which resulted in excellent classes but also was able to take away from the overall college experience. The programs also need to advance their mindset and move into the latest technology and embrace this movement in the world with updated classes and teachings.


As a Gonzaga student who admires and appreicates Gonzaga's jesuit mission of service, social justice, and bettering the world. I can honestly say that for me there is no "worst thing." Gonzaga offers a lot of financial aid and although it is not very diverse it strives for diversity and inclusion of all students.


The fact that housing is only guaranteed freshmen and sophomore year. Some Juniors and Seniors are forced to live off campus.


It gets to be pretty cold in Spokane. Also it's far enough from home that I can't go back home except on extended holidays.


Gonzaga is a bit more strict in what they do not allow on campus than many students would like. Being a private Jesuit institution, often certain events or activates have heavy restrictions or are outright banned from taking place on campus if it does not align with the Gonzaga Mission Statement. Sometimes it can feel too restricted in comparison to the freedom other universities have.


It can be a stubborn instution. As a Jesuit university, it is much more transformative than most catholic universities but still has problems modernizing and being willing to evolve culturally, academically and socially. For example, questions of gender/sexual orientation are still hot issues on campus because the university doesn't cater to them paticularly well. In this sense, Gonzaga can be a restrictive place at times for the socially revolutionary.


Compared to other schools, it seems harder to become close to people in your dorm due to a lack of dorm activities.


Foremost, I am blessed and fortunate to be attending Gonzaga University. The time I have been here I have rarely felt dissatisfied. Where others may complain about food or atmosphere, I cannot agree with their complaints. What would make involvement more dynamic at Gonzaga is increased participation from male students in extracurricular activities. The community service projects I've been involved with or outdoor adventure trips have seen an unbalance of male to female participation. There is a slightly higher percentage of female students than male students here, but that does not have to remain the pattern of student involvement.


Sadly, as this is my major, communication is very inefficient at my school. Whenever I leave a message, no one replies and emails can take weeks before I get a response. Although everyone is generally personable and cares about your situation, there's a lot to improve upon in the records and communication department (not literally the department). When I had a problem registering for a late start class, it took over a month and half a dozen visits to the office to get it fixed.


I feel my university places a lot of emphasis on diversity and yet our student body is lacks a diverse population. The university needs to work more on recruiting diverse applicants rather than emphasizing diversity.


Because of the small class sizes, it's hard to fly under the radar in a class you might not be that interested in.


the cost of attendance is really high; you can get in on merit, but they don't help you much to stay in.


Diversity. There is almost no diversity, but diversity is extremely welcome.


Reading load. Personally, I have a lot of trouble with the reading load as I will have 4 of my 6 classes assign me anywhere between 70 and 200 pages between each class meeting. If I only had this for 1 or 2 classes, I could handle it without too much difficulty, but as it is I often have to skim the book or hope that the professor doesn't give us a test in the next class.


After 3 full years at Gonzaga, the 4000 undergraduate population becomes fairly small. Though I have made many good friends, the weekend activities (as well as the week) tends to become a bit routine and repetitive. I've loved every minute, but I am ready to move on and meet new people with different perspectives- this school is not very diverse.


I'm not going to lie, but the cafeteria here is a joke. If you are interested in gaining the Freshman 15, then maybe you would consider this heaven. This is the only thing I can say negatively about Gonzaga. Oh and for groceries? The only store in walking distance is an overpriced, understocked Safeway. Better bring your car or mooch off a friend and go somewhere else. I highly recommend the bronze meal plan, as you can get the most flex dollars and dine on the campus restaurants.


It can get a bit cliquey, those cliques are pretty open and accepting, and you find your own, but you still see distinct groups


Th health center is not very good. It needs to be open 24/7.


The lack of diversity. Also, every incoming freshman class is the biggest class Gonzaga has seen. I wish the school would try to maintain their small-school community.


While they give you plenty of opportunties for extracurricular activites, the course load is so heavy it is impossible to actually sign up for everything that I would want to do. Being involved in Engineering gives me time for very few activities outside of homework, and then the work I put in the theater takes up any free time I might have.


There is a lack of religious and racial diversity at the school, which can create a skewed world view since there are limited student perspectives.


It lacks real diversity. A good chunck of the school are Catholic, caucasion, upper-middle class business majors. Many of the programs and classes also seem to take a career focused turn, always have the usefulness to the job in sight, instead of just making the education seem valuable on its own.


The on campus dining is awful. It is done through Sodexo and it is bad.


The way the students form cliques. I was a transfer, and the groups that go to the surrounding bars are vicious and protective of the people they already know. It seemed impossible to become friends if you didn't belong to begin with.


It's current focus on growing the volume of the student body; thought it is still considerably small fewer than 5,000 undergraduates, I enjoy it's current size.