Goodwin College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Goodwin College is best known for the nursing program. I am not in the nursing program as yet, but I hear that the professors are great and very helpful. However, Goodwin College received an outstanding award for "Best Places to Work in Connecticut in 2014."




Goodwin College is a career-focused institution. It has an amazing reputation for fully preparing their gradutes with not only the book knowledge requiered in their chosen profession but with the hands-on experience, via internship and community service opportunities. The students at Goodwin are hard workers and remain focused in the face of the many trials and tribulations they may be facing outside of the campus. It helps that Goodwin offers a vast array of support services to the student body, with new programs and/or services always being added-- From their food pantry- to free counseling services.


Their nursing program


They are well known for their nursing program. In my experience so far, they are well known to me because of the small classroom size, flexible class schedule and personal relationships from teacher to student. I love the atmosphere and feel at home; I'm not overwhelmed by a huge campus which was important to me.


Small Classes and one on one learning. It has a great nursing program and many resources to help students out who need help with studies.