Goodwin College Top Questions

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What I think is unique about the school is that it is smaller than other schools. By the school being small it allow us as students to get more help and attention from teachers. It also allows us to have a great relationship with our professors. I enjoy the size of the school.


All instructors come from careers in the subject that they are teaching.


The thing that's unique about this school is that faculty interact very well with students. You feel as if they are a part of your family when you attend here. They're very caring and they want to see you succeed.


My school offers a small classroom setting in which allows the students to individually talk to teachers. The school also offers financial support and other events to help furth a student's career. It runs on trimesters; spring, summer, and fall semesters. They offer financial aid for all semesters and it speeds up the process of earning a variety of degrees they offer. It is a school filled with a diverse group of peoples such as single parents, minorities, high school graduates, young adults, middle aged adults, and students continuing their education.