Goodwin College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person that should not attend Goodwin College is someone who cannot be an independent learner. As an online student, you must be willing to do the work for the most part yourself. You also have to be dedicated to learning. You have to be willing to speak up for yourself as well and get the classes you want. If so they are very willing to work with you.

Alex Anthony

The type of person that should not attend this school are people who are inactive in classes. Everyone should know that college is all on you, you pay your room/board, your classes, food that you eat and where you go. College is the passage way of becoming a adult and learning how to take care of yourself. The teachers are nice and hard working but does not mean students can wrap them around their fingers. If you are not doing assignments you will fail the class and it will be difficult to overcome the burden.


Any student wanting to better their lives and continue their education would be the best fit for Goodwin College. Essentially, any individual not interested in furthering their education or whose heart really is not in taking their education seriously should not attend Goodwin. Goodwin strives to accommodate each and every student so that they have the best possible chance at obtaining the future they dream of. Goodwin wants to see every student succeed so it is crucial that all attendees of Goodwin College possess the motivation and dedication necessary to achieve greatness!


The only advice is that if you are not ready to learn and to advance in life this is not the place for you. If you are young minded and into playing games do not go to Goodwin. If you are trying to pursue a type of sport, Goodwin is not the place for you.


A student who is looking for a lively campus with a lot of non academic related activities. This is not a school for the partyier or someone who is looking for that type of nightlife. Students here are extremely dedicated to their learning and quite honestly do not have time to party. It is also probably not the best school for someone who wants the summers off. Our campus is very busy during the summer with a ton of full time students working very hard at their classes.


I do not believe that a person should attend this school if they are not anticipating pursuing a future career. What would be the point in wasting away money if a person is not going to take going to school or making a future for him or herself seriously?


If you are searching for a school that is career based and faster pace this is definitely the right school. Th faculty and staff really make the learning experience great!