Goodwin College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Goodwin College is their transferring credit policies. Many credits from other colleges or universities may not translate into an associate or bachelor's plan of study. I have had to take additional prerequisites that are extremely similar to classes I have already completed at other schools in the past, simply because Goodwin College has its own version of the class that they require their students to take specificially.


One thing I find frustrating about this college it that it is very expensive to pay for. I had to take out at least 3 loans on top of me having Financial Aid. For this past fall semester I had to take out a loan on top of me already having to pay for a seven-thousand dollar loan that I already own. This upcoming year 2015 I also have a balance of over six-thousand dollars. I can no longer afford taking out loans i just can not afford it. Besides the price it is a great school.


The most frustrating thing is not related to Goodwin College at all-- it stems from the limited access via the State's Public Transportation system. As someone who relies on this mode of transport to get to Goodwin I know the difficulties the system poses but i have also witnessed first hand the attempts Goodwin has made to "fix" this need. Going as far as offering a new shared bike program that allows for students to borrow a bike at thRC Campus, drive it 3-4 city blocks to the capus on Main St, park it- and take the bus.


I think Goodwin College is excellent school for Nursing program. I have heard so many good things about Goodwin College. I found nothing frustratinng about Goodwin College.