Goodwin College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?

Alex Anthony

What do I wish I had known before I came to this school is the financial aid. As a first generation student, I have no idea of what financial aid is and my high school did as much as they could but I still had no understanding of financial aid. What I will have done differently is contact the school and discuss more about loans and best way for me to finish without receiving a gargantaun amount of loans to payback. Also, I would have also done some research on the degree programs they have.


I wish I had known exactly how expensive Goodwin College would cost before I was enrolled.




I wish that I had known that I could do more prerequisite courses at another school before being admitted to the nursing program. Once you are a matriculated student you cannot transfer any additional courses in and this led me to taking an algebra course without being able to receive credit for it. If I could do it again I would most likely take more of the genereal education requirements at a community college before applying to the nursing program in order to decrease the overall cost of my college education.


How much it actually would cost me to finish my degree


Before I came to this school I wish I've had known of diffrent scholarships and grant opportunities. This school is quite expensive.


That it was considered a private college


What I wish I known before I came to this school was how expensive the school was.


I wish I knew it was a private school and cost a little more than my budget was worth, but I have been able to somehow pull through financiallly. Hopefully I don't jynx myself by saying that.


That I could of applied for more scholarships than I did. Many of the requirements threw me off and I didnt complete the scholarship applications.


Honestly, i wish i would have known about the Respiratory Care Program earlier.