Gordon College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Gordon College is a Christian college focused not only on educating you, but also growing your spiritual needs in any way possible; through core curriculum, chapel sessions,spiritual life groups, and many other campus clubs/groups.


A launching pad to grow, learn, and discover the impact you want to make on the world.


Gordon College is a Christian liberal arts school that graduates students not only ready to work in the market place but also graduates students with knowledge of the Bible and how to bring that to the table at work and in the community.


A great place to meet new people explore who you are as a Christian and as a world citizen and gain a great education.


A Christian atmosphere in the middle of nowhere.


Gordon is a small college with a lot of good people who care about what they're doing and want to make a difference in the world.


Gordon College is an academically challenging, non denominational Christian, liberal arts school full of friendly, loving people.


New England Christian college that tries to grow young men and woman into spiritual Christian leaders and help them grow in their studies to do their best in life.


A Christian school with a friendly environment.


As far as private, Christian, liberal arts schools go, Gordon is the most diverse, interesting, and academically rigorous.


Freedom in the framework of faith.


Gordon is a Christian liberal arts college dedicated to faith and learning, growing together in Christ.


friendly, super intellectual, insular


academically focused with a christian faith perspective


Gordon College is a non-denominational Christian college with a strong emphasis on academia and vocation.


In speaking on behalf of the Sociology/Social Work department, Gordon College is an academically and intellectually challenging school that will encourage students to think "outside the box" and promotes personal growth.


Gordon is truly a place of asking questions and seeking solid answers within an amazing Christian community of incredible faculty, life-long friends, and people that might not particularly agree with you.


A conservative, religious school, which is achademically challenging, has a well respected arts program, and strong community.


Gordon is a place were students pursue self discovery and academic excellence.


Gordon is a great place to be, especially in terms of academics, but the social life is lacking in many ways.


Gordon is friendly campus with many great classes focusing on getting an education and growing in faith