Gordon College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


education majors


Gordon College is best known for two things: one element that the College is known for is its strong Christian background and faith. In many of the classes faith is strongly emphasized and engrained into the students. It is not the kind of school where it is so strict on its doctrine that it only accepts certain types of people, but Gordon College is a place that accepts anyone who wants to come. Second, Gordon is a strong liberal arts school, and tries to teach the whole student, not only in one area, but in every aspect of life.


Gordon is best known for its exceptional faculty and Christian lifestyle.


That it is a non denominational Christian school with high academic standards.


It's science program, brand new science building, and its reliegious affiliation


Gordon College is best known for it's expertise in developing its students toward maturation in intellect, service, love, faithfullness and hope in the Holy Trinity: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Gordon College achieves this through its wonderful chapel program, which centers learning, living and loving around the Christian call to live obediently to God's one and only son, Jesus Christ. Maturation also occurs significantly in the classroom, where the small classes and tremendous teacher-accessibility allows for a vibrant learning environment. Various service trips and ministries compel students to practice service, love, hope and faith.


Gordon is best known for its strong academics. It is also well known for its faculty that truly care about the students. It is also known for it friendly student body.


Being an academically challenging Christian community full of fellowship and curiosity about the world.


My school is best known for service learning projects


being christian and having rules


It's strong faith as well as high academic standards and the way it prepares students for high-paying jobs better than some universities.


We are the only non-denominational Christian college in New England and one of the highest ranked nationwide. The opening of our new, multi-million dollar science building was a big deal and also we recently received a $60 endowment, the largest ever given to a college. Mostly, we're known for being a Christian school, but we're also know for our sports, as most of our teams go to conference playoffs.


Friendliness, available faculty and staff, academic rigor, Christian values


The art/cultural programs


The Golden Goose Mario Youtube video


Being a Christian school, known for community outreach. To the surrounding towns it is the Christian school in Wenham and people either think students there are super conservative or really nice or both.


Gordon college is a christian liberal arts college that focuses on careers but also this school incorporates being a christian leader where ever you are


My school is known for being a very academically driven college. School work comes before a social life and fun on this campus and this will quickly become evident to freshman and transfers. Gordon is also known for being a more liberal college, which I enjoy as I am introduced to other perspectives.