Gordon College Top Questions

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Even though we don't have a strong sports record, we have so much school spirit. You can't find a person on campus that doesn't have at least three Gordon College tshirts.


Gordon College includes a great number and variety of opportunities and experiences. Being a Christian College there are numerous ministry, missions, and community outreach opportunities. The faculty and staff are very serious about their faith in God and present it in challenging and encouraging ways in class, chapel, and campus experiences. Community is important on Gordon's campus as most students live in on-campus housing. The athletic department is also of good quality and diversity of sports, both intercollegate and intramural. Gordon's location is ideal, being rural with beautiful forest trails and llying only twenty minutes from Boston.


It is smaller and has a more close-knit community with a strong appreciation of creativity.


Its a private Christian school so that in itself is pretty rare and it strives to be up-to-date with lab equipment etc.


Caring professors, great community feel


My college is the only one I have found like it. I fell in love with it because it is a Christian college, but it is not condemning of people. The staff, faculty, and students at Gordon love people of all types. There is such a focus on community service and reaching out to the community. Gordon is also somewhat liberal for a Christian college. They allow topics which are usually frowned upon by Christians (such as pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage) to be seriously discussed, without condemnation on those who have questions about these issues.


Honestly, there are more women than men here. The faculty and staff care about the students and want to see them grow spiritually. We are in the middle of nowhere, but it is good for spiritual growth by going into the wilderness and spend time alone. Plus we are so close to the malls that we can go and get the things that we need. We are also close to Boston, so you can basically go whenever you want and there are multiple ways to get there: by commuter rail or by other friends.


Its close to the beach, which was very important to me, but also only a 25 minute drive into Boston with lots to do there- its tough without a car at this school though!


Gordon is unique in that it is a non-denominational school that has a Christ centered focus, but also teaches liberal arts and the value of having a broader education.


It is a Christian liberal arts college but it also has high academic standards and usually these two aren't combined. It is also unique in that a certain denomination or theological slant is not pushed and many aspects are looked at.


Gordon is in a wealthy suburb, but just half an hour outside of Boston. Students can get the quiet campus, and still have quick access to the city. There is free salsa dancing in Boston for all Gordon students at a local club. At Gordon, EVERYONE can fit in.. we have students who are home-schooled and those that went to private, public, parochial, or Christian schools and everyone fits in and finds friends quickly.


Gordon is a non-denominational Christian liberal arts school. There is a required amount of chapel services that each student must attend and the Christian faith is woven into just about every aspect of campus life. The community amongst students is unmatched and there is usually something to do on campus that is fun and exciting.


The Gordon-in-Lynn program is very unique about my school. This program offers an oppurtunity for Gordon students to become involved in an urban community through several different organizations offered. I am involved in this at the Boys and Girls club and it has been a very rewarding experience as I have been exposed to a culture, lifestyle, community and people different from what I am accustomed to. Because of this experience, I have more of a clear picture of what I wish to pursue as a career.


Emphasis on forming one's own worldview.


Gordon is unique as opposed to the other schools that I applied to because it is closer to my home, is smaller, and has a more inviting feel on-campus. I was welcomed at Gordon in a way that I was not greeted on any other campus.