Gordon College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Some snobby people, who will talk about the way you dress behind your back


It is small and out of the way. This means that it can get boring if you are only in college for the social life. This means that off campus activities have less variety to choose from than big city schools. There is a lot of school work and a lot of things going around on campus so we usually don't notice any negative effects.


The food plan is very annoying. I don't eat a lot, but we don't have meal plan options. I have to pay the same amount as everyone else, and I end up wasting it. I wish our school had the proper funding to provide options and healthier, (less-processed) meal choices. I'm sure our school meets the requirements, but I'm looking for more options, or the ability to spend less money on the plan.


There's not always that much going on at school.


The public safety is a little too protective of campus property, but I don't feel very protected by them. They don't even carry stun guns.


The workload. It can be quite outrageous and unreasonable


The worst thing is hard to pin-point. I would have to say the lack of a student union building.Th


We are a Christian school, which I love; however, I hate the hypocracy sometimes within the student body; we've been given the mandate to live out our Christian faith, but often times we forget the basics; prayer and Bible study. I'm also a little bit afraid for Gordon, becasue it seems like they are shying away from the Word a bit (they being students, professors, chapel, etc.) Without Scripture, however, we lose the very basis of our faith.


Secluded location and gender population imbalance


Compared to the time and commitment, while not speaking against the quality of education, Gordon College?s reputation is not fitting.


gordon is a place that has rules for a reason. they're good rules, and they're meant to keep the students safe. at the same time, if you're unwilling to follow the rules that are set up reasonably, you're not going to get the full experience that gordon has to offer. it gets harder to follow as you become an upperclassmen because you're being trained not to need them anymore... but it undermines the college to break them. gordon is a worthwile commitment, but it is a commitment.


Due to the fact that Gordon is is the Northeast, there is not much ethnic diversity. We have mostly a white, upper middle class campus, which does not offer much exposure to other ways of life. I think that it would help many people at Gordon, including myself, to have a different perspective on life. This problem also applies to the professors on campus. The vast marjority are white and fairly well off financially. Gordon really needs to hire and recruit people from different ethnicities and socio-economic statuses.


too much work distracts from other things that are important like actually looking towards future careers


Cost and stress levels.


The worst thing about Gordon is that there are so many fun activities to get involved with. The reason why this is the worst thing is that it makes it hard to decide what to get involved with. You can only committ to so many things and you wish you could do all of them.


I think the "worst" thing about Gordon is all the rules and "have-tos". There is a strong focus on being a well-rounded person, which is a good thing, but sometimes they take it a bit too far: you have to attend chapel 3 times a week (and usually it's not worth your time), you have to take so many core classes completely unrelated to your major, and there are strictly enforced visitation hours that limit the time that a member of the opposite sex can be in your room. The dry campus atmosphere is sometimes frustrating too.