Gordon College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any type of person can attend this school. Anybody with any types of tastes and styles can attend without being made fun of. It is unfair for me to say that they might not be judged, because at every school people judge. But it is more likely that they will be able to attend the school without having any interuptions from people who judge them, and they will be able to focus on the things that they themselves care about.


One who is prepared to work. Gordon is not for the feint of heart or the lazy when it comes to working. It's a great school that does expects your best. That's they way it should be with every college. You do your best and you work hard.


Conservative upper middle class white christians


A person who desires to develop his or her character, intellectual maturity and seeks to give back to the world. Gordon offers an intimate community in which each individual is recognized for his or her talent, potential and achievements (both large and small). Any student who looks to take their academics seriously while also learning more about him or herself will find success at Gordon College. A student who is committed to not only furthering him or herself but also dedicated to the improvement of mankind through serving God will be sure to feel at home at Gordon.


A student who is focused on doing well academically as well as growing in their faith. There are requirements for chapel attendence and such so it is important to be willing to contribute to and be a part of a Christian community.


Faith is important to them. Willing to work very hard academically. Likes a suburban/rural area. New England reserved personality.


Someone who is able to receive the school's highest scholarships - then the school is well worth it. Otherwise, it's not worth the full tuition.


Gordon is a great fit for a middle-class, evangelical Christian wanting to major in any of the liberal arts and sciences. People who like community, volunteering, and establishing close relationships with fellow students and professors would do well here. If you are homo- or bisexual, if your are Catholic or Orthodox, if you are politically liberal, and/or if you are not a Christian, you may have a hard time feeling accepted here. The college is very accepting of people of other races/ethnicities, but our population is not as diverse as they make it out to be.


Someone who feels comfortable in a strong Cj=hristian community, who is prepeared to work, and is not looking for a party school.


New Englanders do very well here as well as Christians and those who do not want a party life.


Someone who is not afraid of hard work, who has a desire to become a stronger Christian


Someone who wants to their profs to know who they are by name. Who wants to feel like their campus is a home, and who want to spend the next four years of their life focused on school. You should have a christian faith and want to discuss it with others.


Someone who enjoys fighting for environmental and political issues, people who are religious, hard workers, NOT a party school.


Someone who is open to being challenged, and grows from interacting with challenges instead of loses themselves in the process. Someone who is incredibly passionate about their faith, and also in seeing their faith interact (in a variety of ways) with the world they live in. People who are seeking to be disciples of Christ, who have a thirst for knowledge, and the heart of Jacob--who wrestled with the angel of the LORD.