Gordon College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Because Gordon College is a christian college, someone who is not a believer in Jesus Christ should not come because they may not feel like they fit in here. I am not saying that they are not allowed to come, but becuase of the strong emphasis on faith at Gordon, they may not fit in as well as, say, a Christian would fit in. THe non-believers may be offended at some of the rules that are in place and some of the policies, so that is why they may not be the best fit for Gordon College.


If you are incredibly liberal, this probably isn't the place for you, and the rules and general opinions of much of the student body may be enough for you to not appreciate the good side of what Gordon has to offer.


If you don't feel comfertable in attending a Christian school them you shouldn't come here. The Christian faith is an extremely imporatnat part of the education here at Gordon. All classes bring into focus some part of Christianity and how to apply to our courses and majors.


A lazy person


Unwilling to challenge and explore beliefs


This is a christian, non-denominational private school. Accordingly, if your primary focus, socially, is going to wild parties and drinking you should not attend this school. Also the school does not have much immediately surrounding it. Not much is within walking distance.


Any person who is looking to have a college experience where there are no rules, where parties are a daily event, drinking is overlooked, and procrastination is a lifestyle. Gordon is not a school for those who are looking for an easy college experience. Any person who is looking for a big school should not attend Gordon. Any person who is looking for a strictly academic program with no attention to the whole person should also not attend Gordon.


Christians looking to further grow in their faith while receiving an excellent education with devoted professors.


Someone who isn't Christian, likes to part all the time, and isn't serious about school work.


Someone who does not want to be in a strongly protestant christian environment, someone who does not want to grow in christian faith, someone who does not want a challenging acamedic experience


Most people will be welcome


The kind of person that doesnt belive that Jesus Christ is there personal Lord and savior.


Catholics, this school hates them.