Gordon College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Sometimes the lack of diversity--in cultures, opinion, lifestyles, can be shocking, however it has improved with each year I have been here.


On a personal level, I'm having trouble balancing between my social life and my academic life. As a music education major, it's frustrating to handle the expectations, but I recognize the value of these high standards. The academic life is very demanding. This isn't a place to fool around, and I accept that gratefully. Unfortunately, as a music education major, we never seem to catch a break. Stress levels are hard to handle....


The intensity of the classes is sometimes frustrating, but I usually enjoy the rigourous academic program.


The core classes are absurd. There are more core requirements than there are credits required for any major. Many do not graduate because of this.


The most frustrating thing invovles having a car or not. Shops are not far fromcampus, but you need a car to drive there.


Gordon still is a private, Christian, liberal arts school, so it tends toward wealthy evangelical perspectives as the norm rather than as one of many voices.


The financial burden. It is expensive, and since my parents are wealthy, I was not able to receive financial aide.


Small school so not a lot of flexibilty in class scheduling- can never get into the classes you want


Not too much.


The meal plan


Gordon is supposedly ranked 4th in the country for highest amount of workload, and it is an INCREDIBLY academically challenging school. The classes require a GREAT DEAL of time and preparation, as well as studying, reading, and written work. BE PREPARED FOR RIGOROUS CLASSES!