Gordon College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


There is always going to be someone who doesn't like you. It doesn't matter how hard you try to win them over, there still will be someone. To be honest, that's fine. You should never change who you are to please another person. Regardless, it is crucial to treat everyone with respect and compassion. Do not change the honest and sincere person you are in order to fit the mold people try to squeeze you into. All that matters is that you are happy and pleased with yourself and like-minded people will gravitate to you.


There are two things I wish I had known before attending Gordon College. One, I wish I had known of more financial aid and scholarships. I did receive a scholarship, which does help, but it is not a lot. Second, I have learned so much since coming to Gordon about my Christian faith. My worldviews have expanded so much and at first, I was scared at how much my views had changed, but for the past couple years since I have been there, I have allowed myself to be open to all the possibilities.


I wish I had known how muc money books would cost so I could have saved better.


not much


That it's impossible to leave without some sort of automobile.


I wish I knew how extensive my major would be and the challenges of creating a semester of classes. I also wish I knew that I would be more capable with all of this because I relied on my parents for more help than I needed. On a separate note, I wish I knew where I wanted to live or had a roommate picked out beforehand.


I wish I had known NOT to have taken Calculus my freshman year... and also I wish I had known better study habits.


How bad the food was. That there would be nothing to do on the weekend. But honestly I don't think I'd give up Gordon. The professors make it worth it. The integrated learning, and the academic excellence are worth it.


Honestly, I don't know what else I would have known before I got here


How little diversity was really there, how strict the rules were about the opposite gender visiting you and many students say they were told it was right outside Boston- but its not that close and there is ZERO public transportation around here (no taxis, buses, NOTHING)


Relax, sometimes grades aren't the most important thing.


I wish I was more aware of the cultural differences between the MidWest (Where I am from) and the East Coast (Where Gordon is) . It would have better prepared me for the differences in relationships that was thrown at me when I first started my freshman year.


I wish I had known about more of the specific programs to get involved in. I feel like if I had known about more of the amazing things happening at Gordon, I might have planned more of the courses into my schedule. I also would have liked to know that Gordon students do get into great graduate programs. I have friends right now at Yale, Harvard, BU, Princeton, and Columbia... not too shabby.


i wish i had known how boring the small campus could get if you didn't have a car. because there is no campus transportation