Gordon College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Genuine. If I had to describe Gordon College in one word it would be genuine. Professor, students and faculty, whether maintenance or cafeteria staff, all are compassionate. Each person at Gordon has your best interest in mind. They honestly care about your whole person rather than just your grades. Whether they write you a note or invite you over their house for a meal, their sincere personalities are revealed through endless kind actions. You are not just another name on a paper but a fellow person. The genuine ever-present atmosphere is by far the best aspect of my college.


Being a Christian College, someone may think that there are many rules to follow and that would hinder someone from slourishing as a person. It is, however, the exact oppostie of strict. Gordon allows its students to accel and explore areas in life that the student is interested in and not limited by the Christian guidelines that most Christian colleges enforce. At Gordon students are encouraged to develp their characters by stretching themselves and getting out of their comfort zones. The main idea this year for the freshmen was "Dive in" which reflects the general attitude of the college leaders.


There are many characteristics of Gordon College that I love such as the desire to tie both faith and academics together, no alcohol or drug tolerance, caring faculty, and environmental friendly. The best characteristic is that it is a small school. There are about 1500 undergraduates. Because of this, it is easy to make friends and form lasting friendships. Because of the small school size, it is likely that classes will be small and it is likely that many students will be in the same class resulting in students forming good relationships. That indeed has been my experience at Gordon.


The best thing about my school is the opportunity it offers for students to grow as leaders. Students have the opporunity to be a part of internships, study abroad programs, residence life staff, service-learning teams, spiritual-life groups, student government, and the list continues. Furthermore, Gordon does not emphasize one certain type of person as a leader, but rather, pushes each individual to pull from his or her natural talents and strengths to develop leadership capabilities.


Faith and learning and great friends from all over the place.


The environment. There is such a great feeling that you get being distanced from the city just enough to not have the troubles of urban areas. But it is close enough that you have all of the luxuries offered by the city. But the best of all is the type of people that live on our campus. Many of the people there are honest, caring, friendly, and ambitious. Here I feel that I have been able to grow in all these and seek improvement through my studies.


Being a Christian myself, the best thing about Gordon is its commitment to the gospel. The faculty and staff are commited, faithful, and hard-working. The academics at Gordon are thoroughly Biblically based, preparing students extremely well in their respective fields of study as well as for other areas of life. The education is extensive and thorough.


I think the most rewarding thing about attending Gordon College is the supportive Christian community that I am surrounded with. It is wonderful to be able to grow academically as well as spiritually with the people I am surrounded by daily. I love the fact that my fellow students have just as much a passion for God as they do expanding their knowledge of what they are passionate about. For the first time, I feel completely free to be myself around the people I am learning with.


The best thing about Gordon, in my opinion, is the connections. Connections between students and faculty are great; I'm good friends with some professors! You meet some great friends at Gordon as well, and become well acquainted with staff members. Also, by attending Gordon, I was connected with a Social Services agency my first year attending to internship with. Gordon has the hook up!


The best thing about Gordon College is the supportive, loving, Christian environment that extends the love of Jesus Christ to all the students and members of the school and community. I think this is the best thing about Gordon College because rather than indoctrinating the students into Christianity, the school takes the Christian message seriously in the school community, providing an atmosphere where one can experience the Christian faith, learn about it, grow in it, question it, and be challenged by it. This provides a fabulous spiritual and relational support system on campus that loves the individual.


I love the quality of the people that attend Gordon college. They are (in general) friendly, caring and fun to be with. The professors are really nice as well and genuinely care about their students. They are always willing to come along-side you and pray for you or help you however they can. They are quite willing to invest themselves in you and your future.


gordon is a fun and safe place to go to college. there are lots of opportunities (educational and experiential). classes are fairly small, and there are a variety of majors. the campus is BEAUTIFUL! study abroad options are great, and the north shore is a great place to get jobs. there is a feeling of campus community because we are all in the same place. professors and knowledgeable and care about students. as a christian, it's a great place to be challenged to really think about your faith and how it applies to the world outside of gordon.


Gordon is a Christian College where you are encouraged to think about why you believe the way you do. The opportunity is there to do whatever you want if you put in the effort to make it happen.


Gordon's community is fantastic. Professors make it a point to know their students names, even in classes of 100 or more. Life in the dorms is great. It is easy to make friends and have a ton of them. While classwork can be challenging, the education that students recieve from Gordon is a quality one.


The friends I made and the proffessors that really cared for me. I got a close knit group from this school. Also, I learned how to deal with frustrating people and situations.


The overall atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. Most students are very supportive of one another, and the faculty is always there to support students. The faith of the students is inspiring, and one often finds him or herself striving to become a better person so that their peers will find a higher respect for them. Any school where a student is pressured to better him or herself is outstanding in my mind.


I Believe that the best aspect of Gordon College is the combination focus of faith and research with excellence. They are highly supportive of excellent academics, but at the same time have a strong emphasis on faith and supporting one another.