Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Top Questions

What should every freshman at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary know before they start?


College life is the freedom public schools can never give. Keep being yourself because it pays off when you meet people who try to jade who you are, and put limitations on your abundant desires and passions. Prepare yourself financially, but never give-up if your finances keep you from pursuing your dreams. Hard work always pays-off. You are highly-intelligent, beautiful, and you deserve the best. Triumphs will come only because its something you are able to overcome; you will become better than you were before you went through. Stay focused on your goals and believe that you will eventually achieve them all. Be responsible and go to bed on-time, dont spend all your money on junk-food, and call your mother every week because she horribly misses you. Take in all your college experiences, right down everything in class because it's your ticket to your success. What you learn is more than a text, because what you do with it determines how much you will benifit from it. Remember you can make a difference and there are people out there who need your gift.