Gordon State College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The things I brag about the most at my school would be the housing, the programs, and basketball season. The housing is very nice. All of the programs that we have at school are fun and educational. Basketball season is the livest season at my school!


I talk to my friends about how independent I am now. No one has to tell me when to go to bed or wake me up in the morning. It is solely up to me to make sure I am up on time. The classes are pretty neat. I do not have to see every class on a daily basis like in high school. And last, I think it is a very good transition between high school and gettng out in the real world.


The fact that it is very good concerning academics and that the environment for the most part is very friendly and the professors are available and the classroom settings


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It is a great school and I have enjoyed my time spent there. The professors are knowledgeable and caring.


How much in the field experience we get.