Gordon State College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to try harder. I never tried very hard in high school, and got B's when I could've gotten all A's. I learned that in college people don't hold your hand and remind you to study. I had a hard time in high school, so my college experience has been great. The problem is that I'm limited because I didn't get the grades I could've. In college, you have to do it on your own. You have to take charge of your life. No one will get your degree for you, it's all up to you. So, I would tell myself to study more.


To stay focus and continue to study hard. Never procrastinate and to get things done immediately .


If I could go back in time and to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to go to Gordon State College if i couldn't be a commuter. I would tell myself to try another school, or get a job and save to get a car. I say that because living on campus is ok, but there is a lot of unnecessary drama associated with on campus living. I feel like I'm living in a regular apartment complex in a low income neighborhood. The dormitories are in good condition and look very appealing, but the people that inhabit them are quite different from the surroundings. I would have avoided many unpleasent people if I had commuted to the school rather than live there.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would definitely tell myself to not procrastinate and take advantage of all options. Coming out of high school my heart was stuck on two schools, and I knew for fact I would get into both of them. Well as it turns out my grades weren't high for one school, and my SAT scores weren't high enough for the other. I waited and applied to both very late because of my ego, and I surely regret it. Also, I didn't take advantage of the HBCU's that were contacting me, because I thought they were below my intellectual mindset, but it's funny because after this semester I'm going to Morehouse College which is an HBCU institution. For transition, I would tell myself to let loose and have fun, as well as staying on top of work ahead of time, to avoid falling behind when the classes get more stringent as the semester goes along. Also, I would've told myself to take advantage of every scholarship opportunity that applied to my study, merit, and race.


I would have to go back to my junior year because I am a senior in high school going to college full time. I would have to tell myself that I need to learn how to study. That is the hardest part of college. Figuring out an effective way to study for classes is hard if you have never had to study before. I would tell myself to listen to the teachers when they explained how to study or different methods of studying and try them all. Frankly, the only way that seems to work is to read my notes.


Leaving home is going to be very hard, but you will survive it beautifully. Your fear of interacting people is going to be a huge detriment to your success, so get help from the free counseling offered. Use the resources on campus, including your advisor. You should make sure your classes are set so that you know you will go. Don't become a statistic, go to class, make friends, join groups. Spend more time studying and less time playing computer games. You have to potential to be anything you want, even if you aren't exactly sure what you want to be. Take some classes exploring different career paths because it's always good to learn something you didn't know before. No matter what happens, remember this: You are strong and you can accomplish anything.


The advice that I would give to myself is to be yourself and do what you think is right. Be a leader not a follower. Do not be easily influenced by others who only want to see you hurt.


Tyrah you are in your senior year and it is almost that time to enter the real world. This is not the year to spend spend spend, you need to save every penny that comes your way. Dont forget to fill out as many scholarships as you can early do not wait to long you need all you can get, if no one has told you I am telling you now. College is going to be what you make it if you slack you fail, if you put forth your best you succeed. College is for adults no one is going to hold your hand your on your own, but there will be help given in certain areas its up to you to find it. Never give up and make many friends, the more friend the more you learn and know, who knows that research paper you may struggle on a friend one call away can come in handy.


I would tell myself "that my work is the first objective partying,hanging out, an sleeping comes second". Also, its a very big step from high school to college. You go from your parents saying "you are goin to school" to goin when u want to.


The thing i have gotten out my college experince is responsibilty and being able to be on time .


I've met amazing people and have experienced so many great things. I've really discovered myself through my college experiences, including out of country trips, on campus involvement, and honors programs. I've attended four different schools, all four being very different from one another. After two years of searching, I've finally found my home at UMCP. I moved from a small town in Kansas to a bustling town in Maryland that is located in between Baltimore and DC. I've loved every minute of it so far and am far more comfortable and happier than I ever was in Kansas. I feel so far behind everyone I meet here, although their headstart on east-coast living has by no means discouraged me. I'm slowly learning how to live in this part of the country, and have met amazing people.


it is valuable to attend to college because most profesions in the united states wants a person who has that college deegre. since most people in the 1990's most people didnt have the luxury to get on to a computer and look up scholarships easily, as peoplle are doin now in america. But people also dont have alot . for me as an african american if i dnt get an education people will eat me alive especially in an intelucital conversation.And know some jobs like McDonald wants an employer with an high school diploma. The problem that most students have in the classroom is that it’s not entertaining them and they get bored very easily. Personally me I had a reality check especially when I found out that I Couldn’t play football. I could say I truly believed that it would help me get into college. But I also figured out that if I go ahead and get my education I wouldn’t have to worry about my GPA .The difference between school and life? In school, your thought a lesson then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.


my collange experince was good. I learned many things in my life. I learned how to communicate with other people and how to respect them. I learned many of the general education classes about our world. Its valuable to attend college becasue it gives you the ability to be a successful person in the life. it prepaires you for a better future. when you have a degree, its easer for a person to find job and to get more money to live better and to help the poor people to live bertter also. Life is full of probles so attending college teach me how to solve my problem by thinkining and proposing solutions and pick what is the best.


I was scared to start college when i graduated out of high school. It seemed bigger than life , and like a unknown scary wood on a stormy night with lightning crackling in the cloudy sky, and wolves howling at a barley vissible moon. When i finally got the courage to enroll I saw that this was completely not the case. College has oppened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities that I never even knew exsisted. I havd worked many minimum wage jobs over the years, trying to make ends meat. I now know that there are endless possibilities in life to be whatever I want to be. It has given me the courage to chase my life long dream of being a High School teacher and Football Coach. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and I owe it all to college.


I have gotten more responsibilty out of my college experience. When I was at home I had responsibility, but I have gotten more responsibilty being in college. When I was at home, I could ask my mom to do things for me that was related. Now I have to do everything on my own. It's been valuable to attend because if you really think about it, a degree is going take you a long way. Attending college and graduating from college also looks good on your resume. I want my resume to look excellent and I want to be successful in every way possible.


I would tell myself to be consistant in accomplishing task. Its one thing to be able to study but in order to pass you have to continuously study to keep grades up. Another thing I would tell myself is don't wait till the last minute to do things. When waiting till the last minute is very stressful. Sometimes in situations like that you don't always succeed the task, because simply you waited too late. Making schedules helps to keep things organized. Lastly would be to balance everything. In college you have a lot more responsiblities, its very important to know how to keep up with all responsiblities.


I would tell my self to make good grades and not to skip class. I learned so much in my college exerience and i've learned that if you make the grades the more money you get. i wish i could have leaned that sooner cause now im not enrolled in school cause my mother can't pay for me to go. My gpa isn't bad but not good enough. I just really wish somebody could have told me that when i was in high school . My freshmen year of college i skiped class alot and thought i could party and just chill and i thouht i could keep m grades up and do all of that at the same time but it doesn't work that way and i am making up for it now. so this is my advice for any high school seniors if you go to college to work hard , and work hard to continue.


I wouldnt change anything because i realized my senior year that i needed to go to college to succeed n life and show my mother and grandmother i can finish school and not let my life be apart of the family circle of droping out of college. Outr of all my years in high school my senior was the best. I did things i didnt even kno i had in me. Now that im in college im doin very well, better than i did in high school. Im also am going to continue to do great so i will not be another statistc in my family.


The advice that I would give myself would be stay focus on life, you never know where it could take you. When trying to prepare for the next level, don't just do enough to get by but go the extra mile because in the end it will pay off. College is a big step it's not something that happens over night you must prepare yourself for that transition. So just use your time wisely and think things through and everything will be just fine.


More than anything I'd tell myself to do the research and do the work. Nothing is more important than knowing the options and opportunities open to you. I'd tell myself to look up a variety of schools and look at exactly what they require for admission. Looking up the kinds of scholarships available in your field is also important. It's also vital to do the work: take the tests, fill out the applications, look into carreer options. Seinor year is no time to get seinoritis and take it easy; use the extra time to prepare yourself for the next few years. And, get excited. College is amazing if you're prepared.


I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible. Try to work a job during the senior year and summer if time permits before starting college. This would help parents with financial aid. Have a college checklist of college expenses such as academic expenses and personal expenses. I would also tell myself to seek out advisers, acadimic and residential to have someone to communicate important information. In order to be successful, I would tell me to establish a relaionship with my faculty. Truly be aware of your learning style, and expect to work a lot harder in college then, high school. Carefully choose a social participation; clubs and organizations. Put in to use the dos and don'ts that your parents have taught you. Keep the lines of communication open to parents, faculty, and friends. This is just some of advice I would tell myself if I went back in time. Jacory Greene


If I could give my self any advice it would have to be to work harder on assignments, put forth more of an effort in classes, not slack off like I had my senior year. Foolishly thinking that I could just do enough to graduate, not knowing that it would be setting me up for failure if I didn't get my act together, and to have the drive and determination of filling out scholarships, so that I would ease the financial strain on my parents. Although college is different than high school the fundamentals are the same, work hard and you will be rewarded. If I could go back I would and do it all over again, because if I knew what I know now then I would have tried just as hard as the kids that made straight A's every report card. Instead of going outside they would study, I thought that wasn't fun, but in the end they had the upper hand. They were able to pick from an abunate variety of schools and universities that were interested in them for there academics, I had to settle, but you live and learn and try better.


If i could go back to talk to my high school self i would tell myself to stay calm and focus. Going from high school straight to valdosta state university was a huge transition. I did not realize how much work was involved but i also didnt realize how many new people i would meet as well. I wish i could have been more open to new experiances on campus. Also to have known how to study better and focus. that the main thing i believe a lot of high schoolers miss now is how to acutally study. It hurt my frist college experiance but luckly i started going to gordon. If i could tell my high school self one piece of advice it would have been to go to gordon first. to get my feet wet. also to get the core classes out of hte way faster so i could continue with my higher education a lot faster. i dont regret my decions bc without them i would not know waht i know now. but i do wish someone woul d have told me this information before hand.


I have learned how important it is to go into a new phase of your life with your mind wide open. i went to a school that was an hour from home and I didn't know anyone. At first it was very frightening but I met some great people and made some lifelong friends. At first I felt like a baby bird being thrown out of a nest, but I sure did leard how to fly. I have made the Deans list and really learned to structure my time.I have had to learn how to schedule classes,homework,laundry,shopping,cooking and managing my own money. This has made me appreciate my parents so much and it has increased my faith in God. I know He has a plan for me, so I am just following His lead.


If I knew what I know now about college life when I was a senior I would probably have told myself to lighten up. I've always been the student who took everything seriously. However, once I got to college this aspect about myself did not help me at all. All it did was add stress to an already hectic life. So, thats it... Take it easy. Be yourself. And do your best... the best is all that can be accepted.


to make every moment count as though it were your last. and be more sensative to the people around you were ever you are and dont take life for granted.


Pay close attention to youre teachers. Take advantage of taking some college courses while in highschool. That will only help you reach your goal a little faster. Don't take a break after highschool. Go staight to college. Also start applying for scholarships early in your 12th grade year of highschool, and possibly your 11th grade year too.


Make sure that the school is accreddited. Take tours and ask as many questions as possible. make sure they have the field that you are interested in. make sure that if you are into sports or various activities that they have it. Make sure you can pay for it and that it is a good college. Talk to people who attend there, check the statistics of the school.


nothing just go with the flow.


Go to a college that fits you, not just your parent's expectations. Going to a school where financial aid is readily available helps.


When looking for a college it is important to research the school of choice before applying. There are a ton of factors to take into consideration, such as, locating, population, financial aid available, and academic success. Also, it would be helpful to visit the campus and get a feel for it before you start. Gordon College is a great school academically and financially.


Always choose a college for its academics, and save your money you will run out.


Take your time. College is a very big decision for the family and the student. I was very blessed to have a wonderful college in my hometown. College is expensive and a big decision that shouldn?t be taken lightly. These years are important in shaping your future and forming your career goals. The best advice I have ever gotten was to spend the night either on campus or near campus and see if that particular college was right for you. If you can?t see it as a home, move on to your next option. Many students rush into their college decision and it?s not always the best choice. College is a time to enjoy life and grow into the ?you of tomorrow?! Happy College Years!