Goshen College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Goshen College is a small school in Indiana that aids is solving big problems and believes in reaching out to a broken world with peaceful hands that are made of a student body that is diversified, genuine, compassionate and earnestly seeking a better future.


Goshen College is a small libral Chrisitan college that focus on five main core values: Christ-Centerd, Passionate Learners, Servant Leaders, Compassionate Peacemakers, and Global Citizens.


Goshen College has a strong community feel with caring professors interested in their students' lives.


It is a small, Mennonite college located in Goshen, Indiana and is a very diverse college that has many wonderful facilities available for everyone, including the Music Center, Umble Theatre, Good Library, Mennonite Historical Library, the Rec-Fit Center, Schertz Computer Lab, the new Junior/Senior Apartments, the Connector, & Java Junction.


Goshen College is a school that gives students an experience that you cannot describe in words, but something you have to experience yourself.


A strong community for students to learn and grow not only intellectually but emotionally and spiritually.


Goshen College is a campus where community is held very high and learning is encouraged.


Goshen College encourages self-discovery to help students learn to know themselves and the GC community.


Goshen is a mennonite college run by the donors.

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