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Goshen college is a private Mennonite school that takes there religious and moral beliefs seriously. There are chapels on campus that students are required to attend keeping in balance with our religious beliefs. It is a small school where the professors know the students by name and care about the student?s success. Goshen provides a study abroad program called student service term it is like missionary work overseas, while at the same time practicing your major and experiencing the culture. Finally the music hall at Goshen has nicer acoustics than Carnie Hall considering I play violin.


This college will give you an experience you will rarely see at a large state school. Because of the small size, there is more of a living community. Goshen College has an excellent study abroad program that will get you learning and living in another culture, which in itself will give you a learning experience that isn't possible to achieve in a classroom. Teachers and other students are very friendly. You'll learn a lot about yourself and how to become a more responsible and socially understood person.


There's a strong emphasis on openmindedness and acceptance among students on campus. Sometimes people get into serious debates, but it's always entered and completed with friendliness and an honest desire to understand where the other person is coming from.


The people here are unique and similar to me.


The diversity if the most unique aspect of Goshen College. We have students and faculty from all nations, cultures, socio-economic status, etc.


It's a small campus which allows you to be able to concetrate on your academics and not get too ditrtacted, while also allowing you to have fun on and off campus.

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