Goshen College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew that some people act very different in the classroom then they do outside even more so in college then in high school.


There are many opportunities to meet other students and socialize at campus-led activities. The school is accredited and looks good on a resume especially if in elementary education, nursing, and social work


I was well prepared by the school


Can't say that there was anything I wish I had known before coming to Goshen College.


That I didn't have to plan and follow a strict career path - the openness of the future and the possibilities out there is a beautiful thing, and I wish I'd known that earlier in my academic career at a liberal arts college.


I wish I had known how much it helps to have already taken college credit classes in high school. My schedule is very tight due to a pretty demanding major and I hadn't been aware of how much of an impact taking AP classes could've made.


College can be a lonely place and it takes time to settle in.


I wish I would have known that my course of study was so focused on one goal, clinical psyschology. While I find that area of psychology interesting I would have prefered business orginizational or neuro-pschology. Not having an opportunity for either was a big let down for such an expensive education.

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