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Describe the students at your school.


There is not too much diversity at Goucher but it is pretty hard to notice as the community is accepting of all races and ethnicity. Racial diversity seems to be on the rise however. There is a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds from students whose parents are richer than God to students who receive full need-based financial aid. Nevertheless, a majority of the campus seems to be upper-middle class. Style at Goucher is also a variety. Some people live in their sweats while others dress like hipsters or look like they stepped out of a Ralph Lauren catalog. Most people tend to dress more nicely when the weather is warmer. Students are politically and socially aware and mostly leftist. Goucher students are pretty ambitious about their futures.


Goucher is incedibly tolerant of all things racial, religious, and LGBT. Most Goucher students are from the tri-state area, but a good amount are from all around the country. Not as many international students which is odd since goucher REQUIRES you to study abroad (another amazing feature & requirement!). Students are highly politically aware and for the most part are very liberal. However, Goucher students are tolerant and the College does a tremendous job of brining speakers who do not sure the majority of student's views to campus (ex- Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove). Again, for such a small school we get amazing speakers (Arianna Huffington & Michael Pollan!). There are definitely cliques (where arent there?) but students from all walks of campus interact nicely and it's definitely a warm and welcoming place.


My classmates are friendly and interested in learning.


My classmates are able to express their feelings on a more deeper level and work hard towards their individual goals.


My classmates are eager to learn, friendly and fun to arround.


Unfortunately, there is not an incredible amount of racial diversity on campus. Students do tend to come from a wide variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, which might seem strange, given that it is a private institution. This is because Goucher offers many of its students sizable Merit scholarships, making an education here possible, and even affordable. Politically, Goucher leans to the left (Election Night 2008 was like a holiday here, with students setting off fireworks, and engaging in drunken revelry on the residential quad -the 2 Republican students on campus were very uncomfortable), and students take issues in government very seriously. Students are environmentally conscious as well, and tend to be very globally engaged and aware, perhaps because they know they will all have to study abroad at some point during their time here. Students come to Goucher from all over the country, but seem to be most predominantly from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New England. It happens all the time, that I am in a room full of people at Goucher, and quietly notice that every single person there is from a different state. I think this is pretty cool, but then again, I am from Florida, where everybody pretty much graduates from high school and goes on to one or the other of two huge state schools.


Goucher is rather diverse school. If you look around will definitely see racial and ethnic diversity. More than just ethnic diversity, we have socio-economic diversity, geographic diversity, etc. We also have diversity in the types and personalities of students at Goucher. Only 20% (1 in 5) of students are from Maryland. The rest rest are from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York (the city and the suburbs), the New England area, etc. We also have many students from Washington state and California.


Socially weird. Typically middle-class although definitely some upper class as well. There was a student we called "naked boy" and another one who ran around the campus backwards. These types of students are not atypical. At times, the weird students can be annoying and at other times, it's part of the charm. Dining hall food is pretty average. Very political/feminist campus. As a guy, the male/female average appealed to me, but this isn't a place to go just to score women so don't go there for that reason.


My classmates are of a diverse background, however they seem all too ready to conform to high school esque social groupings, an unfortunate fact about almost all of them.


Pretty motivated.


There are a variety of people because of the kinds of classes I'm taking. The people in my philosophy class are very logical and think things through. Some of the people in my psychology class don't speak at all. Then there are some people, like in my statistics class, that find any reason to pick a fight with you or have something against you for no reason.


Slightly more awkward than most, quirky but friendly enough...attentive in class and more or less involved in something on campus.

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