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As I mentioned above, one of the fantastic things about Goucher is how student-oriented the strong community is. Everyone is really supportive of one another. Goucher also gives a lot of freedom in the courses it offers, so students feel free to take whatever class may interest them, even if they aren't classes within their major. One of the most special things about Goucher College, though, is its Study Abroad requirement. It is the only school in the country to actually require students to study abroad, and it really makes sure that students develop cultural awareness.


Goucher is Maryland's best kept secret.


dont discount teh school for the size if you are coming from a large private school. be open! Goucher really does have something for everyone.


My school is unique, because it focuses on environment and what we can do to help it. It is a really small school , which means more one on one time with the professors which is a good thing.


Goucher is a small school, but it boasts some of the most incredible and interesting people I have ever met. Goucher's small size makes it easy to get involved, to stand out in your classes, and to make meaningful connections with people. It is also quite unique. The campus is a green, wooded paradise with dozens of deer running around, over nearly 300-acres -yet it is only 15 minutes from downtown Baltimore. I doubt there is any other school in the country that is just like it. The kids I went to high school with will never understand the incredible, personalized experience I have had here.


Goucher is a place that will push you in all of the best ways possible. Goucher students are risk takers, they are advertureous, they are hard workers. Finding the right college for you is like finding the perfect pair of jean, you have to try 'em on to see if they fit!


It's not for everyone but I still loved my time there. Goucher students definitely bond because of how small a campus it is. You inevitably know everyone. I'm a better person for going there.


Classes are super-small, and I've become personal friends with a number of my professors. I know almost everyone on campus, and there are a number of people to turn to if I need help. Study abroad is a requirement, which is great because everyone who comes back is changed so much for the better.


There is a unique feel to the Goucher community. There are so many ways to get involved you just have to find what suits you. You can do all that you want and still do well academically


The Zombie Game. Essentially a massive game of tag, it's what sets this place apart from every other school. On a campus with almost nothing to do, this game goes on once a semester for 8-9 days. It involves nerf guns/tag and is a huge ammount of fun, i recommend it for every college.


We're the happiest school (according to the US News)


There is a lot of freedom to be what you want to be and no be persecuted for being different. Everyone here is a bit quirky, but it makes for an interesting place.


You can always tell a Goucher student when you see him or her - we're creative, funky, liberal and really not afraid of expressing ourselves.


Goucher is the first school to ever require a study abroad experience in order to earn a grade. There are mandatory courses designed to make freshman interact and mingle. It is small, but it is a unique and beautiful campus. The art students hang their art from the trees, and the students are interesting people who care about making a difference in the world.


It is a place where you can be weird and still find friends. There are groups but they mix frequently. people here are open and friendly.

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