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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Every student organization is available at Goucher from programs like SGA to science clubs to Human vs. Zombies which originated at Goucher. If there is a club that you want to join but does not exist, you can start it and ask for school funding. Though most sports are NCAA Division III, many students are involved. The equestrian team is actually Division I and the boys lacrosse team were actually regional champions last year. Goucher students usually complain about the party scene because they want something similar to what they see in movies or at Penn State. Most on campus parties involve drinking and/or smoking in students dorm rooms or on campus apartments. The off campus party scene is controlled by students who have apartments across or up the street from campus. These are mostly students on sports teams. They are usually a short walk or drive away. We are also in the middle of several schools like Hopkins, Towson, Loyola, Notre Dame, and MICA which also have their own activities and parties. However apart from the party scene, Baltimore is filled with things to do. There is a pretty decent music scene and the Harbor is around fifteen minutes away. Towson, the suburb that the school is located has a really large mall, several shops and eateries.


Because goucher is such a small school, you really have to go into it knowing what you are getting into. This is not a greek-life kind of place. If thats what you want, this is not for you. There is a night-life, and what is nice about Goucher is that it's there for you if you want it, if not there is definitely other things to do. For such a small school Goucher has a TON of things to do on campus and it is very easy to get into baltimore. Getting into DC is a little more difficult. I recommend bringing a car, if at all possible.


Athletics is actually pretty big at Goucher. There seem to be a number of very talented athletes on campus. Lacrosse is a very popular sport in Maryland, and men's and women's lacrosse are some of the dominant teams here. You also hear a lot about the men's and women's basketball teams, men's and women's soccer, women's field hockey... The equestrian program is phenomenal (equestrian is Goucher's only Division-1 sport), and some students who ride at Goucher even elect to have their horses boarded on campus. Goucher athletic events are a lot of fun. I have a friend on the volleyball team, and I try to make it to as many of her games as possible. It seems like Goucher students -both athletes and non -do take pride in the athletics program. Our mascot is the gopher, and you hear a lot of "Gopher It!" and things like that. One of the most active organizations on campus is the Student Government Association. Goucher SGA frequently collaborates with the administration to create or change campus policies, and is an important presence on campus. Humans vs Zombies, a survival game of tag now played on many college campuses, was actually started here by two Goucher grads. Goucher is pretty much split between people who love and hate the game. I was pretty indifferent to it until last fall, when one of my best friends and I finally broke down and played. We took it very seriously, jumping in and out of my dorm room window, and running around the woods with Nerf guns in the pouring rain. I slipped in the mud and ruined a pair of brand new jeans -It was some of the most fun I've had during my time here. There is pretty much a club at Goucher for any interest you could possibly have, and if by chance it doesn't exist, it is ridiculously easy to start one yourself, and have it funded by the school. It seems like there is always something happening on campus. In addition to theater performances and musical guests, we've had some great people speak here recently -David Plouffee, who was President Obama's campaign manager, Bob Woodward, Sandra Day O'Connor, and the first female president of Liberia are some of the first that come to mind. Goucher students tend to be extremely outgoing and unusually friendly. 8 out of 10 of my closest friends at Goucher are people who lived on my residential floor my freshman year, whom I've known since my very first day here. There is no Greek-life system here. Based on the types of personalities Goucher seems to attract, I don't imagine sororities and fraternities would be very successful here. We are definitely not a party school -if you don't want to party, you won't be bored -but if you do want to, you will, and you will do so in good company. And you will probably end the night eating pancakes with all of your drunk friends at the Towson Diner, which is very well-known to most Goucher students. Baltimore is a great place to be a college student, and there are many students who seem to take full advantage of what it has to offer -museums, great restaurants, bars, music venues, etc. There are also students who seem to never leave campus. Your experience is what you make of it, and if you want to get off campus and explore, then you will.


Goucher is located in Towson, a suburb of Baltimore. There is A LOT to do in Towson. There are coffee houses, lounges, bars, movies theaters, malls and hang out spots. Downtown Baltimore is just 8 miles from campus. Students go in to Baltimore on weekends to go to concerts, shows, the Inner Harbor and more. Baltimore has football (Go Ravens!), Baseball (Go Orioles!) and other athletic attractions. There are tons of college students in the Baltimore area. There are so many students that the schools have all pulled together to create a shuttle that goes to all of the campuses and to "hot spots" downtown. This shuttle is free for Goucher students.


Socially so awkward. If you are not good at making your own fun or can get easily frustrated by a weak social scene, than Goucher is not for you. If you are typically uncomfortable socially, than you will fit right in.

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