Goucher College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Goucher College has a beautiful cmapus. It is built in a very woody area and so it is very easy to take in nature whenever you are in need of an escape from real life. From every window in every building you can see a beautiful view of trees and grass, there is very little cement and we definitely live as closely related to nature here as is possible.


Goucher College is a beautiful, small, quirky Liberal Arts college that offers a fantastic community environment and education. The Preisdent of the school, Sanford Ungar, knows every student by name, and makes time for everyone. It's a very student-oriented school. Staff and faculty are always around to help and listen. Everyone, no matter their religion or race or sexual preference, is welcome and comfortable at Goucher. It's a very safe, warm, and friendly place to be.


Small community oriented school because you receive personal attention from teachers and sit in low-populated classes and really are allowed to express yourself and your thoughts thoroughly and effectively.


The friends ive made


Everyone who never fit in during high school fits in perfectly at Goucher; it's a great community of quirky, intelligent, passionate people who really support each other.


I guess the best thing about Goucher is my advisor, Ann McKim. I feel comfortable seeking guidance from her even when it is not related to my classes. She even helped me feng shui my room in hopes that it may make parts of my life easier.


Small; a lot of attention is put toward your success; mixed crowd; near downtown baltimore and other large universities; nature; supportive environment


Small class size, great professors and the location (just outside Baltimore.) Small classes make it necessary that you do your work while professors are genuine and interested in your input. While campus is sometimes dead, Baltimore is a great city for pretty much anyones night life.

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