Grace Bible College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


We are known for our mission focuses goals. We are very missions and outreaching focused in all we do. We are also Boys Basketball national Champions and that is getting us more out there and known.


Grace Bible College is best known for being both faith and community focused. Being that Grace is a small Bible College students are given the opportunity to grow spiritually on a personal level as well as a group. My fellow classmates are more than just faces I see around campus they are family. It is awesome to see how this body of students functions as faith community who is committed to bringing more of God's glory here on earth.


Grace Bible College is a school that is known for it's strong community. The school itself is small enough that you will be able to see practically every student, every single day. This makes for a very interactive atmosphere. You will see people so often that, after living with them for two to three weeks, it will seem like you've known them for months. This, I believe, is what makes Grace Bible College a great school: strong community.


My school is best know for a couple of things. First of all they are know for being a missionary and pastoral based college. Second they are know for their basketball team. Third, they are known for the amont of students that come to the school single and graduate married (mainly because it is a small and very relational campus).