Grace Bible College Top Questions

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My campus is very christian oriented and we are so small and compact its like we are one big family. I considered a university but decided that I would probably do better in an atmospher like mine where the professors and students are able to be as close as we are.


The friendly environment is very unique at Grace Bible College. The smaller population of the school lends itself to this end. Also the teachers are very interested in the students and want to see them prepared for life after college in their respective careers. The seriousness of studies is complimented with a very broad and activity filled social life on campus. There is always something exciting happenning. The dorm life is also very unique in that the men's dorm has a feeling of brotherhood.


Grace Bible College is unique because it offers students a closeness unlike anything else. Students see each other as family. They know each others names, passions, stories and struggles. It is great to know that at Grace Bible College you are never a number but rather part of the family.


The atmosphere on the campus is extreamly inviting and everyone seems happy to be there. I enjoyed the emphasis on Christianity and the way that it is intigrated in classes.


The unique thing about Grace compared to the other schools I considered is the small enviroment. Grace has about 180 students, which is smaller than my high school. I was not sure how I was going to like that but it turned out to be great. The small community is a main reason why I like Grace so much. It is nice having everybody know you and you being able to know everybody.