Grace Bible College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There are not that many majors, so students are kind of limited as to what they can study. Also the food isn't that great. Sometimes though they have onion rings. Mmm.


The worst thing about Grace bible college is realizing that thier are students that attend the school only for a certain sport . These students did not come to pursueGod more. It is frustrating to see these students ignore the idea of putting faith first in your life. Instead they are facuated by the sport that they are passionate about.


The worst thing about Grace is its periodically dogmatic nature.


The worst thing about our school is not a matter of lacking quality in any specific area. Rather, the worst thing about Grace Bible College is simply that it is not teaching more individuals. Grace is such an amazing school and campus that it is a shame more people are not experiencing the same life changing education.