Grace College and Theological Seminary Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The commuting a 100 miles there and back for classes.


Course variety could be better. Sometimes it seems that our choice of classes are limited. Also, diversity on campus could be better.


At my school all freshman have a curfew. This is very frusterating because majority of students are over 18 years of age and are considered adults by law. College is supposed to be a time where we mature and learn about ourselves as much as we learn in a certain class for a future career. What is crazy in my opinion is there are some 21 year old freshman that have a curfew! These people are grown adults and they do not have the ability to go out at a certain time of day.


The schools ability to pretend like they care about thier students, even though the money they bring in is more important.


The most frustrating thing about Grace, I believe is the bookstore. I feel Grace really uses it for a profit. I do have to say for thier benifit, this semester they have tried to become more college friendly by giving the option for studnets to buy books on-line, but they still don't tell you the exact name of the books that you need. They offer testbook buy backs, but don't offer nearly what you paid for them. I try to buy all my textbooks from other studnets or online to prevent buying overpriced books.


the most frustrating thing is the snow in the winter.


It's easy to get caught in what is called the "Grace Bubble" and not get out into the community even though there are plenty of opportunities and it is encouraged.