Grace University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


would not recommend this college to anyone. I have been to Toccoa Falls College, Community College, high school college level classes, and military training, so I can speak as someone who has studied in a few different settings. First, I would like to say that the professors have a great heart for God. The professors really care about the students, and make themselves readily available and show up to many school sponsored events. They live what they preach, and are great instructors to learn from. Noting that, I would not recommend this college because of the students. Grace University pulls a lot of the students who did not fit in in high school. They are very closeminded, gossippy, and boring. One student had said in his three years of being there he had maybe been off campus 4 times. The campus has dorms, a library, chapel, and a gym. There is very little events going on on campus. Many students would say they usually hang out in the dorms, or go to Wal-Mart. The student body is very boring. Most guys and girls interact only if they are dating, or in class. Many of the girls deal with self esteem issues and the guys confidence issues. Many of the genders both complain about the other gender not being attractive or confident enough. They are not very accepting of outsiders. It does not have a diversity of students, it pulls many close minded "christians" not people who actively want God. There are a few great people at the college, but as a whole the college is one I would strongly advise you to not attend. The city of omaha is an amazing city. It offers many movie theaters, malls, parks, stores, restaraunts, bowling alleys, churches, universities, and jobs. It is fairly warm through november and recieves snow during the winter. The capitol lincoln is about 45 minutes away and offers even more to do. The faculty respond very quickly and are easily accesible for questions or for life help in general. The faulty are pushing for spiritual revival, and are well suited for it. Administration answers questions very quickly and is very helpful and kind. Overall, I would say Grace University is a good college, except for the culture on the campus. The student body is ill equipped for the world. Two professors have spoken to me and voiced there concerns about the student body being oblivious to the outside world and ill prepared for making it after graduation. So it is up to you, if you are contemplating christian colleges I would take a good look at Toccoa Falls College at

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