Graceland University-Lamoni Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The best way to describe my classmates would be caring, we all care for one enother and are focused on creating a safe, intellectual, and loving enviorment where we recieve more than a degree.


My classmates are very dedicated to their studies.


Classmates here become a group of friends that will last a lifetime.


Challenge the status quo, learning the way the world or certain field functions in order to improve upon it.


Most of my classmates seem to be caught up in the normailty of the college lifestyle. There are very few that proceed with enthusiasm towards excelling and over achieving in there works. Most projects are done with the bare minimum, and usually done the night before. I am not going to lie, i have problems with procrastination, but it is usually because i try to perfect my idea before i compose it. It seems that when we offer critique in class no one is truly interested or even participates fully, leaving the response very average and boring.


I feel like my classmates have a lot of maturing to do before entering the real world.