Graceland University-Lamoni Top Questions

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it is very small in size so the classrooms are well sized


My school contacted me first and I never knew a thing about them. But when they reached out to me they reach for me to be set finacially. I am happy with the choice I made to furture my education with Graceland University.


Graceland is in the middle of everywhere. The diversity at this school is wonderful. The housing system is remarkable. It feels like out of the movie Harry Potter. Each house working together and creating fun for everyone.


Campus life program and the blend between disciplines (i.e. easy to be a top athlete, sing in choir and participate in student government)


Each student is assigned to a house when enrolled, so everyone is included.


Graceland does not have soroities or fraternaties it has a house system where everbody belongs to a house so you automatically feel like you belong right when you get there.