Graceland University-Lamoni Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


to be honest nothing


It is a small town, nice and relaxed with a city nearby.


At Graceland there is a tremendous feeling of community throughout campus. Everyone knows "everyone". Graceland has over 50 different clubs and organizations that you can be involved with which is huge for such a small school.


That it has a great art department, whether it be sculpting, acting, music, painting or graphic design, they all are very excellent programs.


I tell them about our soccer team has won nationals and that both soccer teams have gone to nationals multiple times. They also have questions on the housing situation since Graceland does not have the Greek system. There is guy and girl dormatories with each hall called a "house". This allows us to function like a fraternity but you are included on day one your freshmen year.