Grambling State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Our school is small which is more efficient for more student and teacher interaction and helps students stay focus.


Historically Black College/University


My school has taught me to be an independent person; taking care of myself was essential.


Grambling State University is a school where everybody is somebody.


A four-year Historically black University that is full of rich African American culture and strong tradition, Grambling State is a small but yet nice sized campus that carries a warm learning enviornment, Grambling State the University were everybody is SOMEBODY!


My school is an overall well rounded learning institution based on alot of different people with different ethinic backrounds making the learning experience even more enjoyable.


Grambling State University is one of the best schools comitted to a 110 years of excellence.


Grambling State Univesity is a loving and caring school.


My school is a HBCU and the majority of the students are African American. The school is in some what of the country but if you are from the city and want to get away from all the fast moving this is a great school but if not then this probably will not be the school for you.


Grambling State University is an interesting, diverse place where you can add knowledge and develop as an succesful individual.