Grambling State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates were very helpful and understanding of the tasks the professor would give us.


My classmates are very supportive and treat each other like we are all part of one big family.


My classmates are enthuse students that are deeply involved in their educational process because they have the desire and the will to succeed in their future endeavors, always looking to help others.


Being a mass communication major, my classmates are very lively, artistic and helpful. When I need help on an assignment it isn't hard to get a study group going. We learn a lot from each other as well as our professors in my department. We are honestly a family, even if you aren't in the same department as another student.


My classmates are knowledge seeking individuals.


My classmates are smart, interactive, and mostly african american.


My classmates are smart, creative, funny individuals who wish more for themselves and wish to succede in anything they do.


My classmates are very helpful and we stick together to get things done.


We all try to help eachother the best way we can. We give eachother advice and insight all the time. We form study groups for test and assignments. Were a family in our classes especially when we come across a grueling teacher. We all put our heads together and come up with the best solution for passing the class. We also seek advice from upperclassmen who have taken a specific teacher or class


My classmates are friendly and helpful because we are all in this together.


My classmates are okay, most of them look at you crazy and laugh when you say something or ask questions about the lesson that the professor is speaking about at the time. They critisize more than they try to help with is bad.


Student's were focused to study hard and ready to party harder


All my classmates are great. We have a lot of class discussions and everyone is interested in each others success. We often form study groups out of class at the library to discuss class topics, projects, and upcoming tests and quizes.


My classmates are all people with set goals doing whatever is necessary to accomplish their goals.


My classmates are enthused about learning, about their collegiate experiece, and embrace diversity.


My classmate are very helpful and friendly.


Very close knit.