Grambling State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.




Grambling State is best known for being an amazing HBCU. Grambling State is one of the best historically black universities in the country. Also Coach Eddie Robinson put Grambling States football team on the map and made them nationally known. Coach Eddie Robinson's tireless dedication to Grambling State and it's football team made Grambling the place it is today. There is such a powerful vibe here at Grambling and once you step on campus, one feels right at home. Grambling State has a close family feel which makes everyone feel appreciated, excepted and loved.


People seem to think that we are known for partying, and not getting our work done. I'll admit there are alot of parties on and off campus all the time, but that is not all that we are about. I feel that we are best known for our nursing program. That is why I am here. We have the best nursing program in the state of Louisiana.


My school Grambling State University is known best for our outstanding scholars and nursing program. We have one of the best nursing program in the state of Louisiana. Grambling State is also known for their band. Grambling is also known for being the first HBCU to win 400 games in a career.


My school is best known for its Nursing Program and its Musical Program. Grambling State University is highly recognized for its band. Grambling has participated in swac and has been appreciated for its many accomplishments as far as BOTB. It is also known for its football team and has been recognized world wide for their most winning Coach Eddie G. Robinson. Grambling State University is one of the most popular HBCU's in Louisiana and is constantly doted on by their infamous graduates, over-achiever's and under-classmen.


Graambling State University is hands down best known for the Football Team and the Marching Band. The Band has performed all over the world, at inargural balls, halftime performances for the NFL, and movies, Grambling's World renoun Band is known all across the world.


My school is best known for its band.


Grambling is most known for its football team, band, and nursing program. All are equally astonishing. Our football team is one well known because of the SWAC championship that was won in 2009. The Grambling Band has appeared in many well known events (ex: Barack Obama's Inauguration Parade, Played for Bill Clinton, and were given a tv show in the early 00's). The nursing program is very prestigue and productive. Students who are part of Grambling's nursing program are often offered great jobs upon completion of the nursing school.


I would say my school is best known for its' Tiger spirit.


Grambling State University is best known for it's band.


Grambling State Univeristy is best known for its marching band and football team.


business program.


Outstanding medical program


My school is best known for its band and football team