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My school has a unique sense of family and support for students. Expectations are high and students adhere to those expectations. Grambling as a diverse faculty and student population.


Our school's marching band performed in Super Bowls I and II, respectively, prior to the NFL championship game being officially called The Super Bowl; the first-ever Pioneer Bowl in Tokyo, Japan; and both inaugural parade for U.S. President Barack Obama. Our school was also home Edward Gay Robinson, the second winningest coach in NCAA Division I. Doug Williams was also under Coach Robinson's leadership where he latered becamed the first African American to win a Super Bowl and MVP.


What is unique about my school is that at Grambling State University everybody is somebody. The location also was unique to me because I'm a louisiana native, I'm from Monroe; Attending Grambling State made it easier for me to go back and forth to visit my family. The adminstration in my opinion is the best because they are very helpful and want to see you succeed. Our adminstration bend over for you as if you are one of their own children.


The culture.


The only thing that separates Grambling State University and the other schools that I considered attending is the cost of tuition. Both university's I had in mind were similar, both located in the South and both HBCU but they Grambling was in a more affordable range.




My school is a HBCU and it's a very small town. It's not too big to get into trouble and you can meet way more people.


The love the students have for Grambling...


The most unique aspect of my school would have to be its rich culture and history. as An HBCU Grambling State University has student representatives from every state in the U.S. the diverse culture is definitely a learning experience in itself. surrounded by students from all over the country and a big caribbean population, diversity is evident.


What's unique is that we are surrounded by a lot of forest. There are no buses, taxicabs or trains. What else that's unique is that there are a lot of people here who genuinly don't care about school and sit in front of the cafeteria all day (or half of the day). Now this is the only university that I've been in so these circumstances may not be very unique, but they are unique to what I believed an accredited college would be like.


Classroom size is smaller than most.


My institution is enriched with culture and opportunity. Students from all walks not only express their interest, but demonstrate it through high retention rates, use of academic resources, hands on learning, field studies, and drive. Grambling State provides a caring and loving environment that feels like home away from home. The faculty demonstrate interest in the students , they openly express their expectations; nothing less than your best!, and provide resources that maximize our opportunities beyond college. My school is located in the South, so their is that good ole southern hospitality! I Love it!


What was so unique about Grambling compared to other schools I may have considered? First, Grambling State University was a predominately black school and they had the best Nursing school in Louisiana. Second, Grambling offered me an academic scholarship and I could not pass up the opportunity to have some of my tuition paid. Third, most of my friends also attending Grambling and I wanted to be there with them.


Our school helps us to learn on our own and get a head start on whats ahead of us in life. They also help us to decide what we really want out of our lives! Our school students have alot of school pride and love to be there


This school is a historically black college/university.


The most unique thing about my school is that it is not to big, therefore it is eisier to have a close relationship with others. Also, because there is not to much going on around campus people get really creative with things to do.


It is located in the small town of Grambling, with not that many people around. Our school basically makes the population of the town. It is a black college, but we are very diverse.


This school makes you feel like you are loved, comforted, and sucessful.


I would say our school spirit and our band. I'm part of the band and Grambling has the World Famed Tiger Marching Band. The band is what hypes the school at football games, pep rallys, and even at the basketball games. The band is known for their hard work, the performances we do, and where we travel to. The band always deliver what the student body enjoys and also for the alumni.


This school had a rich history in every aspect of the word success. I have always known about GSU since childhood mainly because both my mom and father attended the school. My mom is an Alumni of GSU. Grambling State has a very well known band, The Mighty Tiger Marching Band also known as "The number one band in the land". Grambling just seemed like the best school for me because so many of my family members attended and graduated from Grambling State and I think I feel most comfortable at GSU.




its full of history.