Grambling State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Grambling State University?


Anyone who is serious about their education.


A person who is seeking to gain a well-rounded education should attend Grambling. They will receive a top-notch education and do so in a safe and nurturing environment. They will be encouraged to participate in social activities, some of which will bring about volunteer opportunities and engagement in social change.


The person who should attend this school is an individual who wishes to create memories in college and who is not afraid to be the person they wish to be, regardless of the anticipated backlash.




The type of person who should attend the school. Is a person with ambition who wants to be something and stand for something in life. the moto is "Everybody Is Somebody."


I reccomend Grambling State University to anyone that would like to improve themselves. You should have a burning desire to attain excellence academically . Grambling State University helped me to develop as a person and provided me a great educational experince.


The kind of person who should attend this school are people who are comfortable being around a lot of African Americans and who doesn't mind being theirself.


Anyone with desire to learn and become educated should attend this school.


I feel that people who want to succeed and really learn what they need in life should attend Grambling State University. When a teacher has students in their classes that they can tell really want to learn; it makes the teacher feel good and want to teach more. I feel Grambling State University name should be in better standing with other schools. Such as on the other colleges level of excellence.


Anyone who is ready to succeed in a field of their choice should consider this school. The person should be serious minded and focused. There is a great opportunity for an individual to reach maximum success. The person should be ready to make a commitment to themselves and to the school to do the best they can, with very high expectations. The opportunity here is great.