Grambling State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I wouldn't say anyone shouldnt attend this school becasue they are welcoming to all.


Someone that is lazy, because at Grambling State there is always something to do on campus, to get the students involved. If you do not know how to time manage or stay focused then it is easy to lose sight of the goal and then regain it when it is too late. A lot of students have troube adjusting to the freedom that they have here at school.


I don't think there are any exclusions may it be to personality, race or any other at Grambling State University, any and everyone who is persuing higher education can attend.




this school is for everyone. there are all types of groups for people who feel like they wont fit in.


Institutions of higher learner exist to help students academically. If a person is not interested in receiving an education then they should not enroll in college.


I feel that anyone could attend this school. I mean we have a mixture of all types of races, sexes, religious people, and people from different cultures. Anybody who's anybody would be able to fit into this school, because it is VERY diversed.


The kind of person that should attend this school, is anyone that has the power, wisdom , and strength to succeed in a place where they no anyone, or anything but what their high school teachers taughted them. I personally feel that anyone should be able to attend any college, even if they do not meet the requirements. Its not about what a person made on the ACT/SAT its about a person trying to get a higher learning of education even though it's rather challenging.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who grew up in a city-like environment. The area that my school is in, is very country type and coming here from the suburbs or city location will take a while for someone to really adjust here.


the kind of person that do not want to work and the kind of person that is not soical/ talkative


The type of person that has good time management skills and like a diverse amount of activities. A person that likes to be involved in clubs and organizations. There are good sport programs and a state of the art workout facilities for the football playes and regular students. If you are unsure of your field of study this is a campus that can help to direct your future. If you are shy or outgoing you would fit in because there are truely a diverse amount of students. A career driven individual would also enjoy the resources that are provided.


The kind of person that should'nt attend this school is a person that is not social.