Grambling State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Dear Self, Stay focused on what's important and learn everything you possibly can. Read more often and manage your funds accordingly. This is money you will have to pay back and if you don't graduate, you've wasted time and money. Remember you have yourself to depend on to make it out of this low class social statis. Stay focused and maintain a steady relationship with your professors and mentors. And remember there's nothing you cant achieve.


Get use to hard long nights, meeting people who are ginuine and some who are just around you because of what you can do for them. Never say what you will not do because you might miss out on a lot of oppotunities from that mindset. This is college you need to enjoy every little bit of it while you can and take no moment or person you meet fro granted.


My advice to 16 year old April is that everything you do now determines how well you are prepared and will perform in college and afterwards. If you do not set priorities and consistent routines college will be difficult. April, you don't study unless you see that you will not make a good grade on a test. Studying is about more than passing a test; it is about setting a routine to gain valuable knowledge on a consistent basis. You must undestand that working hard makes life easier. You are graduating in the middle of your senior class and you graduated at the bottom of your college class. Now that you are applying for graduate school, choices are limited and most acceptance is on a provisional basis. Life is harder. Do the work now, research the areas you have interested in and do the jobs that make you happy. Oh, and find a good husband at college!


If I had the opportunity to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, the best advice I would give myself is to know that the future looks bright for you as long as you remain on track and stay focus. Youa re a great student with so much potential and as long as you keep a level head, you will accomplish your goals. It is great that you are studious and have great study habits. Please don't lose those; you will need them in the coming years as you have to prepare those twenty page double-spaced papers, do group projects, and have class discussions, and complete exams. You can be whatever you desire as long as you work hard and do your best in all of your endeavors. I'm glad you don't major in the minors and because you have a calm deameanor, you will be able to adapt and adjust in whatever situation you are place. Move forward with tenancity and courage. You future has a bright shining light awaiting for you to step into it.


Giving advice to my high school self, I would say have your priorites in place. Priorities were difficult for me to manage in college due to band and other extra-curricular activities. As a high senior I should have taken advantages of AP and dual enrollment coures so that will be able to stay ahead. It is ok to have fun in college, but the number reason is to obtain an education. Hanging out with friends and going to parties was not going to give me the grade I needed in order to pass the class. All in all, as graduating top ten percent of my class and making a smooth transition into college, the only advice i can give my high school self is to remain focus and choose your friends wisely because it is easy to get detiered the wrong way.


First, I would definitely have to tell myself what time travel is like. On a more serious note; I would tell myself this advice I wish I had way before senior year. Maya Angelou once said, "when someone shows you their true self, believe them." It has stuck with me ever since. Everyone that I called friend, is no longer with me because not everyone is meant to last a lifetime, some are just for the current season. It cant be winter in July and as a senior I didnt realize that. I had so many oppurtnuities that were missed because of whom I called friend, and it wasn't until my mid-freshman year of college that I started getting my life back on track. Now I am gaining back my blessings and working twice as hard to stay focused. The transition is hard and you have to be careful because if you didnt know yourself then, now in college you can fall for anything. College is truly a growth and development period in life. Therefore, I would tell myself, it's not what anyone else has for you, it's what God has for you that matters.


If I went back to my senior year of high school I would tell myself that I need the extra year to prepare myself. Dont graduate after 3 years spend the time with your friends because once you get to college you dont have much time for your frends becuase of all the studying that you wil be required to do. I would also tell myself that you need to learn how to take better notes and write in short hand because the docters dont wait for you to move on. I want myself to learn that you need to get out and make friends, so go to the dances and have some fun. Dont just stay in your room all the time! Live the life you are supposed to live.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to use my God-given talents and abilities to be successful. Take pride in what you do and have a passion to provide service to others. Don't be one dimensional, perform well @ it all. Never represent without authority to represent. Don't ask a person to do anything you haven’t, couldn’t, or wouldn’t do! Stand for honesty, integrity, hard-work, and family. Do excellent work every day & be open to ideas of others. Always do your homework and your chores before doing anything else. When you have a good heart, stay committed and focused on what is right and honest, everything will come to you. I impress people for what you can do. Remember birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days. When you do get attention you want to show people you deserve it. Never lose the desire to work hard, set goals, and achieve them. Successful people listen & nothing of value comes without being earned starting with small things adding up to big things. Lastly, if you have two eyes, two hands, & two feet, you have all that the greatest of men ever had.


I would tell myself to start off at a four your university and make good grades your freshman yyear so you can join clubs and other organization your somophore year.


The essential advice I would give to myself is: "Don't be afraid to take the giant leap." This means that you should not hesitate when it is time to live life out loud and have fun. Meet new people. Network more efficiently. Keep the important and influential individuals in your corner. It is imperative that you realize that you have a voice. So use it! Speak up when you have ideas. Do not limit your friend circle to people who have a similar background and history as yourself. The whole idea of college is to come into contact with people of different walks and backgrounds. Laugh more! Don't take the negative aspects of college so seriously that they begin to damper your experience. Make sure that fun is involved with everything you do: learning, socializing, studying, eating, etc. You only get to experience the "true" undergrad life once! So live it up! Do everything that you probably won't be able to get away with once you've graduated into the real world. Now is the time to make the mistakes. Then, you learn from them. That's my advice to myself as a high school senior.


Hello Erika! No, it’s not really up for discussion how I appeared from thin air. I don’t have much time so I’ll keep this bizarre moment brief. Yes, I know we happen to look alike, but that’s not important either. First and foremost: wipe your eyes, unclasped the ice cream, and for goodness sake turn off those sappy love tunes. No more crying over “what’s his face”; you’ll realize you’ve spent too much time on an unworthy cause. Easier said than done, but trust me when I say I’ve been there before. Now as an order of business, here in my hand are the short and sweet steps to ensure a smooth high school to college transition for you. 1.Complete a scholarship every weekend at your ACT exam. A higher score equals greater opportunities.3.PLEASE sign up for out of state fee waivers. 4.Save and invest because the prices of textbooks will surely make your head spin. 5.On graduation day, gladly accept gag gifts pertaining to water or noodles because they will definitely come in handy. Now take this advice and run with it!


Work hard because you will discover a lot of potential you did not know you had. You might make it out ok, but the work will be less stressful when you do not procrastinate. Be less shy, you will grow more confident and realize you are smarter than you think. Also a lot of teachers count it toward your grade, which may make you stress less about a few points when your between grades. And you know you have a lot to contribute. Even the small stuff that may not seem as important as what other people are saying has a lot of potential. It's ok to take sick days off when you really need it, so take those days off instead of the couple of other days when you were just too lazy. You may miss something but it'll easier to get caught up right away, instead of feeling sick and slacking off because you still feel tired. Do not let other people's drama or personal problems distract you too much, you do not have to ignore some of them completely, but do not let it worry you too much. Most things sort themselves out eventually.


If I could go back to myself as a senior in highschool knowing what I know now in college. The first thing I would tell myself is that college is not easy and also it is not to be taking lightly. Next, I would tell myself that college has its fun moments but never take it for granted; another thing I would tell myself as a senior is to practice writing essays and term papers more because in college you write entirely more. College courses are advanced and the class sizes are larger, teachers are more challenging, but the beauty of it is accomplishing your dreams and making something of your life and successes. Therefore, I know I can say I made a great decision on the school I am attendind because if I did not I would not be able to share my thoughts about what I've ecperienced in life so far.


The advice I would give myself is simply study more and allow yourself to stay focused without getting easily distracted. This advice is helpful once you are in college making the transition from a high schooler into a college student. It makes it easier once you have to start taking test and doing work that reflects what you have learned.


If I had the chance to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would warn myself of the problems that might be ahead. I would tell myself to watch out for the people I call my friends. I would tell myself that I will be hurt by a lot of things if I am not careful. I would tell myself to major in Mass Communication and Business Management instead of majoring in Fine Arts first. I would tell myself that there will be a lot of people that I will have to deal with and to do my best to handle it in a responsible manner. I would tell myself to care about scholarships instead of blowing them off. I would tell myself not to ever take a morning class if I can avoid it and take it later in spring semester. I would tell myself to go with my gut feeling instead of ignore signs. These are the things I would tell myself if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior.


I would tell myself to work to get into the top 10 percent, get more involved in clubs and other sports. Train harder in track, forget what any one says you can do watever you put your mind to. Go to front office and apply for all those scholarships that they have up on the wall because when you get to your freshmen year of college you are gonna be broke. Apply for schools everywhere and go to summer school at tcc to get some of your frist year courses out the way just make sure that the college will take them and that the classes you are taking is for your major. When you get to college don't be a follower be a leader and just be you.


If i could go back in time and give myself advice the first advice i would give myself is, Mom, Dad, and Grandma is right about everything. Take all their advise and instructions. They know whats best and have experienced a lot of what you will go through, so listen. Apply for as much aid/scholarships as possible, so that finances will not be a burden and your studies will be your only focus. I would also tell myself this is the time you are setting yourself up for the future, so take it very seriously. Do not do anything because it seems cool or accepted by others, because it usually leads to trouble. I would advice myself to stay focused at all cost. Instead of joining the crowd, stand out! Study hard, and keep your grades up at all times. Make good connections for now and for when its times to graduate and apply for jobs. Go to every college fair availible and network as much as possible. Ask questions. Do not let anyone tell you no and accept that as a final answer. Fight and strive for everything you believe in. Lastly, DONT quit.


If I were able to go back in time the advice that I would give any one is to follow your dreams, because that is where your passion, desires and one’s drive comes from. For example, not all students are college bound students, some individuals are meant to help others like missionaries, or people who go off to the military and help their country or even the peace core. When one follows their dream, they will never have to second guess themselves and when someone else tries to down play your idea or thought, you will have the confidence to tell them “go fly a kite, this is my life”! In other words, that passion will lead you to happiness. Jade Pickett-Smith is a prime example. She told her mom when she was a young teenager that she wanted to be an actress. Her mother believed in her dream and they moved from Philadelphia to New York and later they moved to California. This is a prime example of following ones dream through passion, desire and overcoming victory.


I would say learn to love learning. Stay in your professors offices and prepare for the worst, and appreciate the best. Give your all in everything you do and make sure you dont tell people all your business. People will try and bring you down every chance they can , so the best thing for you to do is stay to yourself and read. Develope your true character and learn. Realize life is time and sometimes you never have enough time to truely, honestly, and deeply reveal what you have to reveal in the proper amount of time. Stay focused so you can master whatever it is in life you want to be. Be all that you can be, not what someone else will be. Know your different and not the same as the next man/woman standing next to you. Realize in time things will get better.


If granted the oppurtunity to go back and tell myself as a high school senior I would stress how important it is to take ACT Prep classes and take the ACT more times, just to better my chances of getting out of state fees waved and tuition taken care of. Allowing me to relax a little more and focus more on school work and less on finding the funds and stressing out about being able to afford the great investment and experience. As a high school student I settled for the acceptable, limiting myself to something that has no general limit. Other than that as a senior in high school I was pretty much focus but not focus on the right thing not looking at longevity and a back up plan just incase 'chasing my dreams' didnt fall through, allowing myself to have a real back up plan for the future.


If I could go back and could talk to my high school self I would definitely tell myself not to go into college with a cocky attitiude because it is a completely different experience from highschool. That bit of information could have drastically changed my whole college experience for the better. As a high school student I was always ahead of the game and I did not have to work too hard to maintain that esteemed postion. I was awarded an academic scholarship and out of state fee waiver to Grambling State, but because of my cockiness I did not obtain these awards for very long. I felt as I did in HIgh School thinking everything was going to come easy and I would not have to work hard for it. That was the biggest mistake I ever made, I lost my scholarship and waiver at the end of that semester, and I am still paying for that imbellic mistake to this day.


I would definitely tell myself to save more as money goes so quickly as a college student. Being in college especially an hbcu is very challenging as the environment is so different to anything I have ever been exposed to and one must be in the right frame of mind to be successful. It's important to stay focused on the goals you want to achieve and work as hard as necessary to achieve them, no excuses!






Please stay focused and keep up with good grades so your GPA stays high. Get major involved with community programs to receive awards so it will look better on college applications.


Go beyond what you are learning in class. Ask questions and study, study, study. You will need a great study habit in college. If you don't, then it will be very hard to adjust when you have tons of work piled on your plate. Keep your grades up and don't worry about the senior events. They will come soon enough. Until then keep focused on your work and then you can enjoy the fun.


if i could go back i would tell myself to really be focused when i start college. The first year some students don't take it seriously. That would be the first thing i would tell myself. And I would tell myself to never wait til the last minute to do everything. Waiting til the last minute to do things can really get u behind. Even precrastinating with homework and projects could get you behind. Its always best to do things ahead of time just incase something happens. You never know whats going to happen. Some teachers add things and you have to be ready for anything. Also i would tell my self to make extra copies of your work. At colleges teachers have so many students and its very easy to get papers mixed up. So its always best to make copies. Thats basically it.


The most important advice would be to pay attention. Learn from the mistakes of others rather than making the same mistakes yourself. Love who you are, be content with the road you have chosen, regardless of what others may say. Believe in yourself, do not wait for others to believe in you first. Be proud, be confident, be strong. Admitt fault, take responsibility. Be honest above all with yourself, but never forget truth and trust with others. Understand that who you see in the mirror far exceeds what others think they say in you. Keep your head held hide. Failure can lead to success. Hold on to the lessons you have learned, as they will save you from having to repeat the same lesson again down the road. Life is not meant to live alone; live a life that others will be proud to share in. Hope is a good thing, never let it go... ever. Hold on to the dream, or build a new dream. Build a path even it is a small step at a time to that dream. Moving forward regardless of of how slow it appears, will always conquer falling backwards. You always have a choice.


I would tell myself, that you have to be very organized. College life moves very fast and the professors do not baby you like some high school teachers do. You have to study hard and you can't play around and it's your decission to stay focus, the training wheels are off. It's all on you to be the best and past.


My advice to myself would be to save my money. Not to buy everything i want just to buy everything i need. If I'm offered a scholarship to take it seriously and to not fool around because it can easily be taken away from me. To study more because your definitely going to need it being a Biology Major. Do not pledge a sorority when your taking a real difficult class, because in the end you'll fail the class. Experience college to its fullest, Go more places and see more things. Don't let your shyness hold you back from doing anything. Accept yourself for who you are and never let anyone change you. Try more new things and seize every opportunity


In the assumption of being able to go back to my senior year of high school I woud advice my self to learn a studying technique that works best for me, do not be afraid to ask for help when you really need it. Working for the best grades and not just the minimum will be the best choice. Listen to your guidence counselor scholarships are needed. Talk to older teens about what college is really like, in regards to what kind of people to be careful around, and to set morals and standards for your self. I would also encourage my self to step away from the crowd of friends I chose to hang around, working towards my college education was more important. I learned that the friends you choose you are more likely to become like them. Goin to college will be a fresh start to apply all of those desires. Do not be afraid of change it is for the best. This is your senior year things will not get any easier it is time to mature and began to make the right choices for your future. Keep God first and let him lead your path.


The biggest thing I can advise is to not be afraid to go out and talk to people. Learn how to communicate what you want, and do not be afraid to go out and ask someone how to get it, where to go to get it, or for help to get it. If you are doing poorly in a class, ask your professor what you can do to catch up. If you do not know what courses to take for your major, or even what major you want to pursue, ask an advisor. Even in a small community college, there will be someone who's job it is to help, or can at least point you in the right direction. There is no reason to be afraid of talking to people if you are confused and full of questions, because if you do not have the answer, someone will. If you do not ask, you cannot get an answer to your question.


If i could travel in time to talk to myself as a senior I would tell myself to get ready to take on more responsibilities which you couldn't imagine. I would tell myself that with a college degree the sky is the limit and achieving that dream job wouldn't be much of a task. Networking plays a key role in succeeding in college, if you don't have good networking/communication skills it can be difficult to perform tasks which may require the outlook of an outside source. Saving money is very important when going away from home funds tend to deplete as the days and weekends roll into each. First priority are your books and materials for class and then the usual needs which are required for everyday living. Always remember your in college for your future well being don't allow your social life to become an distraction in your studies.


I would have applied for my scholarships, so I would not have had to take out as much loans as I did. I would not change my University for nothing in the world. The people here are very friendly. I have learned much from the many different diverisities here at Grambling State University. This is a school where everybody is somebody. I was foster child since the age of four years old and during the times when students would return home for the holidays such as the Christmas break my University allowed me to stay on campus free of charge. I mean they really care for the students and are willing to do whatever it is in their power to get all proper help for students.


The Successful College Preparation Recipe *Middle school read about careers and personal arrears of interest *Look for volunteer opportunties in the community *High School work part time if possible in the environment/field that interest you as a future career *Enroll in early college while in high school and gain credit for college. *Or look for and enroll in summer programs at other universities that offer special camps or courses in the field that you plan to study while in college. *Search and apply for scholarships while in high school *Look for ways to develop writing and public speaking skills *Begin early preparation for Act and Sat set a goal for the highest possible score(prep courses etc..) * Excel academically honor roll throughout high school *Look for opportunties to develop leadership skills (student government organizatios etc) *Set long range and short term goals *Plan to visit the campus of your top choices *Prepare an agenda for your visit. *Write to the university and request appointments prior to your visits, request to sit in during one or more classes *Meet department staff * Have lunch with other students * Research the school be prepared to ask questions and engage in authenic conversation


Don't feel pressured to make an immediate decission in your choice of careers being that you have many interests. Take your time , feel it out and be certain the career you choose is what you want. Do your best in whichever major you decide because grades do matter and they're a reflection of you.


Go interview people in the career fields you are interested in pursuing so you can be sure about your choice in major. Do not get influenced by how others perceive your choice of major and classes. Don't be afraid to try new things and meet people from different backgrounds than yourself. Always be aware that there are peers, alumni, and those in the community who you can network with to help you achieve your goals in life. Try to always be on your best behavior because you never know who is watching and who might offer you a job in the future. College is about working hard and learning to achieve your academic and career goals but don't forget to participate in campus activities and enjoy your college experience.


I came to college and found out who I really am. Before Grambling I was shy, quite girl with no goals and no self worth but only after two years of being here I have blossomed into a confident, self appreciating and outspoken young black woman. Grambling State has taught me how to do things and how to handle business on my own. Before Grambling I always had someone else to speak up for me but now I am not afraid to ask my own questions and get my own answers. Grambling taught me that only I can handle my business the way it needs to be done. I shutter to think where I would be if I did not make the decision to come to Grambling State. The small classroom size was perfect for me to gain the confidence I needed to go and ask my teachers questions. The different diversities on campus allowed me to experience different cultures and sexual orientations without having to step foot off campus. The helpful staff and students showed me that I wanted to persue an education in a field where I can help others, such as nursing.


Throughout my college experience I have realized many things that are very valuable in everyday life. Most importantly, I have realized that nothing is easy, and I’m not speaking about my education itself. After attending community college for about three years I have concluded that no one in the administrative department knows what’s going on. Therefore, I have had to figure everything out for myself- despite the fact that the people who are employed at the college should have some idea of what’s going on. I believe this is metaphor for the real world. Sometimes in life, despite being told by professionals what is the best thing to do, you must take it upon yourself to do the research yourself and figure out what is best. Overall, attending community college has taught me the sad truth- that the education system is based mostly on money, rather than the goal of educating and furthering the students. However, I am glad I learned this valuable lesson early, because now I am more prepped for continuing my education at a four-year university.


The college experiences I have had have be benefiting to me because they prepare me for when I will be on my own. By being on my own rather than with my parents, I make my own choices and handle my own problems. The college that I have been attending helps me experience the feelings of my race. I plan to be a leader of my race in the future, so I will need to know their thoughts in order to know how to lead them.


When I first got to college I was so overwhelmed by the freedom. I mean I could make my own classes, eat what i wanted at anytime that I wanted, and I could basically do what ever I wanted with some boundaries. I completed my first semester last year and I could have done better but I partyed and didn't keep work as my first priority. I passed my classes but I feel that I could've done better. So in other words I have learned how to take responsiblity, do my work on time, and make studying and passing my FIRST priority. This college experience is of value because it has opened my eyes to a farther step toward adulthood. It has shown me that life isn't just fun and games.


From my college experience I have learned that attending a HBCU was the best choice I have could ever made. Attending a HBCU in an evironment "where everybody is somebody" makes me feel safer and more confident as an African American so I can concentrate more on my ambitions. Being raised in the south I know how hard it is to learn when you are treated a certain way, or always viewed as different but in an unflattering way. From this university I have learned that all of us start on level one, it is up to us however more levels we want to gain to be successful.


During my college experience I have made a many new friends in my life. I haved comprehened material that I thought I couldnt. Being in this enviroment has change my whole momentum about life. I learned that you can not get no where in life without taking a stand and doing it yourself. I aslo learned that even though you dont have to go to class, and still make it by because you have connections or what ever, that will not help you once you make it to the real word. Everything is going to reflect back on your college professor. School is just like a Balance Sheet equation. It must equal on both sides. If the teacher teach you what you need know, and you dont make effort into learning, its not gonna balance out in the long run. Being in this new society has really taught me that if I ever wanted to be successful in life, all I have to do is keep my eye on the prize, and stay focus. Its not only valuable its a honor and blessing to be here, Im going to be the first person in my family to graduate from college.


I have learned alot from my college experience. Some of my experiences has been rough and hard to deal with. This college experience has taugh me to stay focus and dont get caught up in the simple things that is not important. These parties bad friends and peer pressure can hold you back and make you feel like nothing else is more important than a party. College is very valuable to attend because speaking from experience when you leave and sit out a semester you realize how very important getting your education can be and that all the other stupid things you did could have waited. You realize that getting a education is the key to success and you see that you not doing that or getting the proper education at home. Futhering your education is so important because everybody wants a winning career in the future!


I have had the pleasure of experiencing college for the first time this summer and my first semester of my senior year in high school. Honestly, my experience began like any other ordinary college sudent. I faced some trials and tribulations such as obeying certain guidelines and maintaining a steady grade point average. However, I overcame those tribulations like any mature adult, with dedication and determination. Along with this journey came standards and expectations. But like I always say, what is an expectation if it is not meant to be reached? High Ability, College for Upcoming Seniors, and Dual Enrollment has advanced me in curriculums such as Math 153, English 101 and 102. It has also allowed me to gain some college credit on the side. I have had the opportunity to meet other students and educators while having the privilege to travel. Out of my experiences, I can most definitely say that I have gained better study habits and have reached a whole new level of responsibility. College has given me the chance to grow and become independent. With this experience I have prepared for my future and developed a self reliance.


I've gained my independence through my undergraduate experience in Louisiana, four states away from home in California. I learned to think critically and plan ahead, to really consider my options before making decisions because they come with consequences. Being away thrust me into becoming an adult quickly and learning how to live responsibly on my own. I learned time management skills, studying skills,how to prioritize tasks, how to pay bills and shop and how to eat and sleep healthy. Most importantly I learned how to achieve all of these things and still cram a little partying in the schedule because it is well known that all work and no play make for a very dull person. I've grown as a person and a student. My undergraduate experience taught me how to learn, what techiniques work best for me and what environment fosters my best efforts and results. It's taught me to be responsible and accountable for myself, my actions and inactions and overall has made me a more well-rounded individual, not mention a mathematician.


This is my second semester here at GSU. The college atmosphere here at GSU presents a self assessment test to how dedicated you are to your studies and your future. coming out of high school in New York City, i did not maximize my full potential. i was barely a C student, throughout my high school years i simply coasted through enough just to recieve my diploma. i naively was unaware that what i did in high school would soon greatly affect the next 4-7 years of my life. due to my poor grades, my options of universities was very limited. Grambling State University was the only institution that allowed me to continue my studies, and has allowed me to continue to grow and develope in all aspects of life. i am currently an employee through work study and serve as an associate justice in student government. i am an honor roll student. i am extremely thankful and grateful for the doors that GSU has opened for me and i will continue to push forward and make a life altering path for the betterment of my future! i've gotten exactly what a scholastic institution is supposed to offer.


Going and graduating from college should be everyone's goal. The knowledge and experience is unforgettable. The friendship and bond you make is unbreakable. I was scared my freshman year and so was my roommate and every other freshman at orientation. I met my first best friend Z there and soon after that 2 more friends that makes this college experience bound to my memory, Dominick and Reggi. I always knew I wanted to join a brotherhood and I am proud to say that I am an Iota Phi Theta Incoporated brother. I got my best boys to pledge with me, now they are not just my friends they are my brothers. I am Vice President of my fraternity that focusses on giving back to the community. It is hard to balance academic and fraternity responsibilities but it is achievable with effort and hard work. College itself is not easy especially when I have a 3 years old son Dantae Jr. back at home in California but, college enables me to provide a better future for him. College is an amazing experience its an experience that everyone deserves to have.


I have gotten quite a few things out of my college experience. I have gotten a since of responsibility, meaning now I know how to stand on my own two feet. I’m becoming less dependent on my parents and I'm learning to do things on my own. I’ve gotten a more in depth realization on the world and how diverse it really is. I feel that it’s a great that an historical black college can be so outstanding in what it does for its people. You don’t find too many colleges out there in small towns or even big cities that show that much love a dedication. We I leave here I plan I becoming an even better person, but not just for me but for my child. It's going to be a long process and a difficult one I might add but I'm pretty I can handle whatever life throws my way. The sense of stability I now have I wouldn't change for anything. Even though I really have just started my long hard journey at Grambling, I really and truly feel that the best is yet to come my way!!


I have had the experience of living away from home for the first time in another state and meeting people from different atates around this country. This first year of college has only strengthen my determination to pursue my career choice of becoming a registered nurse. Some of my classes are tough but I remain focused and positive that helping people is the one thing I am determine to accomplish as each year passes I can see me being one step closer to my ultimate goal of completing my education and living my dream of being a nurse.