Grand Canyon University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Grand Canyon University is a place for the broken, the loved, the educated, the curious, the learners, the determined, and the lovers.


Grand Canyon University Online is a flexible, affordable, and efficient way of getting a degree while enjoying a Christian-based classroom environment.


Grand Canyon University is a well known porminent school that cares for the students academic, social, and future goals.


Grand Canyon University online is a God-focused college that allows you to take classes around your schedule.


Quality, truth-based, caring place of learning.


Being a student at Grand Canyon University is a great learning experience that I would recommend to anyone that wants to go back to school. The professor are very helpful if I need help with my assignments given.


My school is excellent for stay at home mom's because you can take and achieve a degree from home.


It is good for people who want to go back to school.


Its a well-rounded, very religious based school and it helps you grow as a person in so many different perspectivies!


My school is the best in academic and facility assistance in the U.S. you learn so much and the students are great with the christian background.


Grand Canyon University is a private, accredited, Christian university.


Grand Canyon University allows me to focus on my studies and course work in the comfort of my own home, keep my own schedule and maintain a high discipline level.


Always willing to make you stand out.


Grand Canyon University is a blossoming, welcoming, and awesome school that anyone would love to attend.

Hija Mae

Grand Canyon University is an amazing campus filled with passionate, kind hearted, and extremely helpful staff, faculty, and students; personally, I am glad that God led me to the discovery of this university.


My school is about helping their students meet their long term goals. They do this by providing for us short term goals and then getting us prepared and ready for that next goal. I love my school and have been in college before attending GCU and I have never felt like I do now. I know (with no doubts inside my heart) that I will finish my college degree this time. I work and have four children, and have been to my school's campus (because I am an on-line student) but have some much interaction with my school.


It an amazing school that allows a lot of one on one attention.


It is a Christian University that offers on-line courses that make attending school convienent for nontraditional students.


Grand Canyon University is diverse and learning friendly.


A new learning experience that I am glad to be apart of .


I have not yet attended the university, therefore I don't have much to say about it yet. I can say, however, that the staff have all been extremely accomodating and helpful during the application and enrollment process.


Grand Canyon University is a private Christian school where noone is afraid to be themselves.


Grand Canyon is a friendly joyful small school that instills great ethical values in their students.


My school is full of opportunity, fun, education, and a love for one another as we should love ourselves.


Grand Canyon Is a University that has a online class program and also a on campus programs, that both are for christain and non-christain to go to at that University.


Grand Canyon University is the only school that helped me cut though the financial red tape so I could return to school.


Ability to supply an education to those in need.


Grand Canyon University is a small private school attened by about 1000 students, this school allows students to persue their goals, meet great people and open their future new experiences.


Grand Canyon University is a fabulos school which provides online and ground education with a religious based foundation for all students, regardless of their faith, beliefs or religious backgrounds.


The school I am applying to is both fun and challenging


Grand Canoyon University is both an online and virtual campus which is giving me my hope and giving me help to be a success in my field of study.


Grand Canyon University is a Division 2 level university that has ground and online courses. The university is a Christian-based university that has some requirements for Christian-based studies but also allows for the regular classes. You are able to transfer classes in from other universities that you have attended and all instructors I have encountered have been very helpful and knowledgeable. The university also offers some scholarships that are school sponsored to help with the finances of education. I would recommend GCU to anyone wanting to use the online education just as I am.


A cutting-edge, traditional Christian university that can compete with any school out there and has professors that really care that their students succeed.


Very good school


Small, private christian Univiersity, filled with excelling students and amazing athletes that are undiscoverd.


My school is diverse and has many administration members that will help you out at anytime.




My school is caring and focused on the success of its students.


I can do it in one word, genuine.


Educationally focused.


Grand canyon is exciting and different. I recieved some information on this school through my employer and I must say I was very impressed with what Grand Canyon University had to offer educationally. Since becoming a student at GCU, I've been able to broaden my mind as well as challenge myself to go beyond the expected goal I placed on myself.


I am capable of continuing a finishing school.


Highly intellectual institution with positive high moral christian standards.