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its an online program that accepts classes taken for associate degree which cuts time for bachelor degree


I live in Tucson, so being able to obtain my BSN without having to relocate was important to me. I was able to take my classes online and work part-time for a while and obtain my degree. Grand Canyon is very supportive of the military and gave me a discount due to my veteran statue that local Universities would not consider. The teachers/professors were accessable and encouraged communication for any issues or questions. Overall the experience was very good and I have recommended the University for other nurses that want to further their education.


Smaller classroom seeting, which allows for more time with the instructor, and also a community feel.


What's unique about the school that I am intend to complete my degree is, they are a private, Christian establishment who were successful in convincing me of the importance of an education. Other schools had tried, but GCU's staff were very encouraging and supportive. They listened, they gave me necessary advice when I could not continue to pay for school. I just wish they weren't so very expensive and credit transfer friendly.


There is a diverse ability to learn, classes can be taken online or in an actual classroom. Great instruction.


Despite its name, Grand Canyon University, based in Phoenix, is about four hours away from the tourist destination. The private university grants undergraduate degrees through six colleges, including the Ken Blanchard College of Business and the College of Fine Arts and Production. Many of its undergraduate degree tracks are broad but allow students to complete an emphasis in a certain area.


Grand Canyon University proved to be unique to me, especially in its Early Childhood Education program, in a lot of ways. Their online program runs one class at a time, which is great for students like me, who are working one of more jobs and are concerned about having time to study for classes. Concentrating on one class at a time is a huge plus for me. The program is a four year program, a kind of one-stop shop to gain a teaching certification. Everyone at GCU has been greatly helpful and very kind to me, as well.


What us unique is that this school likes to keep its students involved almost on a daily basis. They have several events every week to make sure that nobody is left out. this school also offers chapel and gathering every week which differs from many of the other private schools I looked into. Everyone tries to make you feel as comfy as possible. Another difference that I noticed was that our athletic department just switched from division two to division one which is also different from many other schools.


What I find unique about Grand Canyon is that they do not pressure you to become a Christain just cause they are a Christain based university. They are very welcoming and want everyone to feel at home if they are out of state. The school in general turns no on down and tries to help you with whatever questions or problems you have. The programs offered there are very efficent and will end up helping you in the long run.


Its the school i go to.