Grand Canyon University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Kristin, you have to do whatever you can to get into college right now! It doesn’t matter that Dad said he won’t help you with the money, you need to figure it out yourself, and you can! Don’t just escape and get a job; get a job that will enable you to pay for college as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter that you are unsure what to study, just start somewhere in a Liberal Arts program until you figure it out. Ultimately you will be much happier knowing that you are able to do it all yourself, without anyone’s help. Prove to everyone how smart, strong and capable you are. You know you love school, and although your grades didn’t really show it in High School, I know it was because your life was hell on earth for the last eight years. PLEASE don’t wait to figure it out later in life! I must implore that your future quality of life really depends on you alone and the money you earn. Your goal right now is to become self-sufficient. Be confident that you can do this!


I would have not changed anything. My daughter is a blessing and she gives me the motivation to continue and my pursue my career and give her a better future. Of course I did not have her when I was young or in high. She was not planned, she brings so much joy to my life that it's amazing. I would have applied for my scholarships when I was in high school, but at the time I was going to a community college and thought the money was sufficient. I had to withdrawl because I had no help from the father. When there is a will there is a way. Do not let anyone tell you, you can not. When there are obstacles in the way do anything possible to overcome them and anything is possible.


Finding a balance between having fun, studying for your courses and planning for your next life step is a great way to start preparing for college, since you will be called upon to do this during your college years. Choosing to skip classes could mean missing valuable information for upcoming tests. And don’t forget to think ahead to university classes: Information you’ll need for your major in your college program may be covered during a high school lecture you miss. When you feel less motivated to study, remind yourself that every good grade gets you closer to finding a college that offers a great program in the major you want. You’ll get through it all if you take a step back and prioritize your time: Make lists and timelines to keep track of all of your deadlines and make sure you get it all done.Keep up on your assignments, even after a tough week. When you feel less motivated to study, remind yourself that every good grade gets you closer to finding a college that offers a great program in the major you want. Keep your eyes on the prize!


I knew everything my senior year or at least I thought I did. As a seventeen year old in my senior year, I felt I knew everything. I placed little importance on my education because I thought I would continue to work. I had three jobs as a high school senior and I did so in order to be able to move out of my house by the time I was eighteen years old. If I could go back in time to give my high-school-senior-self advice I would say to have more patience. I was so ready to start my life that I rushed into financial responsibilities that I should have taken more time to consider. I would definitely give myself the advice to thoroughly prepare my study skills for college. Prepare myself to make my college career a whole lot smoother. I would direct myself to work on my memory strength and improving my reading abilities would make my college career more efficient. I would definitely teach myself to be consistent. I was living at 100 miles-per-minute-days. I would definitely tell myself to slow down and enjoy my youth. Live and learn.


If I could go back in time to give myself advice about college, I would tell myself not to wait so long to go. As a high school senior, I had no idea what I wanted to do in the next year, let alone what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I waited nearly four years to further my education. Now, looking back, I wish I would have taken advantage of the opportunity to go to college right after high school graduation. Time is a very valuable thing in life, and unfortunately I feel as though I have wasted a majority of my time from high school graduation until now. I wish I would have gone to college sooner, and at least began general education courses. Instead, I now think about what I could have been doing all this time. I think about "What If?..." My advice to myself as a high school senior would be this: Do not sit and wait for life to pan out for you. Take chances. Make opportunities. Don't waste a single day. Work hard and take advantage of every opportunity you get to learn something.


The choices you make now will affect your future but that does not mean that if you make a mistake, you can't start again. It's never too late to achieve the dream of an education.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to further prepare myself educationally. College can be difficult and takes time to get used to. I would also remind myself to be more careful with my money. I would also prepare myself for communicating with people I didn't know. This can be difficult for some people, however it does make a colossal difference considering that you will not know many people from the school. Make sure that you do not mind sharing your things and get used to cramped spaces. This is because you will most likely have to share a room with one or more people. Be careful on who you trust and be sure to study hard.


Knowing what I know, if I was a high school senior I would tell myself to just go into college has opened minded has possible and to just be me don't doubt my ability to do things. I don't just want to think that as soon as I get to college I no longer need anyone. I would tell myself go into college knowing my priorities and to not sell myself short. I would let myself know that if and when things get hard just take a deep breath and reassure myself that everything will be fine. Another piece of advice I would give myself is to just be careful with what I choose to do and remember that my every action comes with a consequence whether it is good or bad. I would just let myself know to have fun and don't over stress when times get hard.


DOn't waste time messing up in school put your time and effort in to being the best at everything you do


Don't push so far. I mean this in so many ways: distance, exertion, involvement. As a senior in high school I wanted to get as far as possible from my "ignorant" parents and the small-minded people that filled my town. Now that I am 2,000 miles from home, I miss it every day. Even the aspects of home that drove me insane seem comforting now. I visit for the holidays, but that's only been two times since moving seven months ago. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but it also makes it hurt a lot more. In high school, I over-involved and therefore overexerted myself. I was involved in every club imaginable, from Mock Trial to Jazz Band, and was the president of most of them. I worked 30 hours a week at my job, which I had since I was a sophomore. I took every opportunity to shine up my resume without considering the consequences it would have on my social and personal life. To top it all off, I'm an extreme perfectionist. If I could give my senior self advice, I would simply state, "Don't push so far."


Work hard so that you can get academic money. If you are a hard worker in high school then the load of work in college wont be as near as overwhelming as it seems to be. I would of challenged myself more in high school taken more college level classes so I would know more about the work load. One thing that helped me alot with my transition is being involved in a college sports team.


To try to take college level courses in high school and to not play around in school, try to get the best GPA you possibly can.


I would tell myself I must be prepared and most of all awake because there are alot of deadlines to be met and to never be shy to ask a question in class. I learned my lesson not asking questions when I was in school and my grades where low at firt until I started asking questions. If you make a mistake, own up to it, and try to make it right. I would of also told my self how important it was to try and make it to school every single day and try not to miss so many days of school because when you are missing time from school you are missing out on kearning , your curriculum and thats what causes students to be behind these days . I i could go back and change anything I would bring my grades up even higher thaan what they where even though its a passing grade but it coulkd have been better. I wold have told my self doing my work is more important than on the phone and partying and hanging out with friends all the time.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that everything will be okay. I would tell myself that no matter what happens, you will grow from your experiences and you will learn, both academically and as a person. I would remind myself that no one else can truly make decisions about your life except you and that it is okay to be unsure because a huge part of college is about finding out who you are away from your friends and family. I would tell myself that it's okay to be scared, because so is everyone else, and I would tell myself that the hard work is worth it because the opportunity to go away to learn isn't something that everyone has. I would also tell myself to be patient with my family because they are as afraid of losing you as you are of them.


Looking back at myself when I was in High School I would explain to myself how important it is to get good grades. I am very smart and full of potential, but I was always consumed with social networks rather than trying in school. I rarely did homework but I made decent grades therefore I know if I wouldve tried harder I would have done so much better. On top of the normal school grades, I wish I wouldve not cared so much about my group of friends. They really consumed my entire life and many years later I am overweight, I have been disagnosed with depression and I am very behind in school. I really wish my high school self would have thought more about her future.


Follow your dreams. Your whole future lies ahead of you and you just have to be dedicated and determined to go for what you want. Your dreams may change along the way and that's okay but stay focus and always move forward. Influences may detour you over time. Don't be afraid to ask for help when and if you need it and always keep an open mind as as a young adult, you do not know it all! Make yourself available, try new things so you can learn about yourself and life in general. Don't ever give up because you can and will accomplish what ever you attempt, if you really want it bad enough!


I know it's rough to make a decision that will change your life for forever, but you will make the right decision. When you make one, stick with it. Spend as much time as you can with your family after you do. There isn't as much time later in your life and you never realize how important they are until you don't have a chance to see them everday. Your little sister may annoy you and she may eat your favorite cereal before you can, but it gets really lonely when you have all the cereal you want and no one tthat is trying to steal it from you. Don't regret your decisions. They are good ones.


I would tell myself to relax because its not as scary as you are afraid that is will be. Then I would tell myself to not be afraid to go out and participate, having friends is the best part of the social college experience and many of them will be with you forever. next I would tell myself not to get overwhelmed, as long as you belive in yourself and take things one step at a time you will do great. Lastly I would tell myself not to be afraid to let loose once in a while.


"I'll do it later" was one of the most famous lines I have ever said while in college. From high school to college, it really is a different environment and to me, the transition is challenging. Since I started working, it was crazy trying to juggle both my job and school. Looking back to high school, it was really fun and easy! Those honors and AP classes made it seem terrible but compared to college classes, they were nothing. I just wish that while I was surfing through my first semester of college, I had more self-control. If only in high school I learned to balance my time more and put priorities first, I know I would have done much better in college. Projects, studying, and doing homework were all put aside and rather Facebook or hanging out with friends came became priorities. If I was a high school senior, I would learn not to procrastinate much. Perhaps, to find better ways of studying and dealing with time. I struggled with these things as a college student. I was still able to get good grades, but pulling all-nighters almost every day is not really fun.


There are a lot of things that I wish I could tell myself as a High School Senior but most of it sums up to this. “Don’t just see problems, see the solutions.”In high school I was very stubborn. If things didn’t go my way I would shut down and just not do them. It has taken me a couple of years, a lot of beatings by my wrestling coaches, and some business courses to make the change from shutting down to finding results. I want to own my own business. I have realized that as a business owner very few things go your way. You have to adapt and problem solve to have any sort of success in any field.My wrestling career has also played a big role in my change. My coaches showed me time and again how to find the solutions and because of that I have earned two State Championship titles – I would have loved to have one during my senior year in high school.The last piece of advice I would give is be nice to your parents. They are working really hard to make sure you get a great education.


Alicia, You have now completed high school and have many decisions to make based on your career and future goals. As a student obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Justice Studies I encourage you to sit down paper and pen and note all the things that you excell in even extra curricular activities of your intrest. What sacrifices will you make and what new objectives will you collect? This is your world, think of it as a live facebook page you chose your settings you accept or deny your request, you like your intrests in certain things and you over all make your page fit perfect into your world. In this day of age you can go to college right at home form your computer and/or choose to go to a campus. I would strongly advice you contact a college advisor or request brochures from different colleges that stand out to you. Virtual tours online are also available from many colleges. Once you have chosen the perfect school and setting for you, your admissions counselor will walk you through your finacial aid if needed as well of applying your scholarship towards your new school.


If I could go back in time to have a talk with myself as a senior in high school I would tell myself don't give up on those scholarships. They definitely help a great deal. When you get into the community college for basics thats all you should take is your basics you are required to take, don't want to end up taking a class you don't really need. Also take as many basics as you can if you know your only going to stay for one year and head off to an university the next. And when you do decide to head off to that four year university be sure to apply for everything before March to get what you want otherwise you might not get to where you want to be in life. Just keep working hard and don't give up even when it gets tough. You'll do great!


This is your senior year of high school! Congratulations for getting this far. I’ve been given the unique opportunity to go back in time and tell you about college life, so it would behoove you to listen. Read everything you can get your hands on. Read those so-called “classics” you don’t seem to like, because they’re going to be your favorite books of all time pretty soon. Really pay attention to what they’re saying. Listen to your teacher when he says that you should write more like Ernest Hemmingway. Don’t be dry, but be simple. That passage you think is amazing? It’s not. We have severe depression. Accept this and seek help, because otherwise your mental breakdown will make you fail three years and that will do horrors to your already low self-esteem. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. College can be hard, and you don’t want to burn yourself out by taking 25 credits in one semester. Most importantly, remember to have fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and be open to change. You won’t always be right, and that’s okay. Just be yourself.


I would tell myself that going to college wasnt as bad of a thing that I thought it would be. I would also tell myself to always get your homework done ahead of when it is actually do because you will have more than one class and every class has homework, so you need to stay ahead of your school work to make sure that you are not behind. The first couple of weeks will be a little scary because it is completly new, but you will meet new people and that is always a good thing. If you have questions about anything just ask your teachers, do not be afraid to ask questions. Last I would say to myself is that if you are going to go to college and get a degree make sure you are up for the task, because when you start this adventure you are going to finish you will not quit.


Senior self, Do not worry and stress about life. Everything will fall into place even though sometimes everything seems to be falling apart at times. While we have always had a dream to become an educator, we will not act upon this dream until we have God's command to do so. Marriage and family will come first, of course, and the minute (literally) that everything calms down, we shall start our education process. Oh, how our life has changed since high school and we will welcome more changes; I am sure, down the road. Making the transition between high school and college will come with many trials and obstacles but as of yet, college is worth every gray hair and stomach ulcer. One day, sooner than we might think, we will be teaching in our own classroom. Keep your eyes to the sky and "get somewhere" in our life. Always with God and His love, College Self


I would tell myself that finishing school for my boyfriend(who is now my ex-boyfriend) as fast as possible so I can go with him when he graduates boot camp, is not the right choice. That I need to take my tme with school and really focus on my classes so I don't lose my scholarships. I would also tell myself that if I get a teacher who doesn't speak english well, I need to switch out of their class instead of trying to push through it. It isn't worth messing with your scholarships, or education.


Do not worry about what two girls say, you make your own choices. Put yourself into the Certified Nursing Assistant class. Take the test before going to California. Summer is fun, but save your money for textbooks- you will not be reimbursed until the end of October, but do not worry, all will work out. Be sure to keep God first-He will always be there to help. Do not get caught up in the drama of everyone else. A boy will break your heart, but go on, there is someone better for you just waiting. Make a shedule and keep to it, do not break the routine. Call your parents and grandparents. Choose the right and you will never be in trouble. Finally, GET YOUR PAPERWORK DONE EARLY! Then you won't be in the mess of scrambling for last minute money.


Stick out and finish the homework. Do not let anything get in the way and learn to prioritize everything.


I’ve only been out of high school for three years now, but I’ve learned a lot in a small amount of time. If I could go back and give myself a piece of advice, it would be to not let the negativity of what others say about me dictate who I am. I’ve found that it is easy to take what other people say to heart, even if what they are saying isn’t true. It’s important to know who I am as a person so I don’t falter at the least bit of criticism. Just because someone says I am incompetent it doesn’t mean that I am. I have to be self-confident enough to say, I know what I am capable of and I’m not going to let what this person says affect me. If I had this mentality when I started college it would have saved me a lot of tears and a lot disappointment.


When enrolling in college, all factors must meet in order for you to succeed; these factors vary from timing to capabilities to dedication; but when everything aligns, you will prosper. You will know when the timing is right. Once you know and are ready, jump in, work hard, pay attention, and learn as much as you can. Money will be tight and your schedule will seem impenetrable but your mind will be all in. Look for face-to-face contact because that will be the most useful in your life as a student and a professional. Humble yourself in order to absorb the wealth of information you will receive. Stick to the deadlines and work ahead; the security and satisfaction are priceless. Make friends and begin to network. Do not forfeit your chance at higher education. Finally, be the person you want your children to be, not what you think you deserve.


If I could go back after a year of college under my belt and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to relax and enjoy high school. I would tell myself that once I entered my venture into adulthood and college life, everything got a lot harder. College isn't too hard to handle, but it is definitely a lot more to take on than high school. I would tell myself to stop judging my peers. It doesnt mater who wore what to school that day, or who is dating the captain of the football team. Don't lower yourself to the level of patronizing and judging your fellow schoolmates, because when you get to college, life is very different. Students respect eachother and respect the differences that exist between their peers. You can be yourself and you can love the differences that other people will bring into your life. If I could go back and talk to myself, I would say to myself, "Relax, be yourself, encourage others to be themselves, and enjoy the time that you have in highschool, because a whole new exciting world of college is coming in hard and fast."


I could tell myself to stay focused more and try not to get distracted by friends and actvities. In high school it's easier to manage your time because everything is pretty much scheaduled for you but in college where you have to manage time for yourself, it's easy to lose track of time. I'd also tell myself that i'm doing really good and doing things i'd never think i'd be doing and getting over challenges that back then i thought would be impossible. I tell myself to keep my goals in mind, stay focused, and stay awesome!!


I would tell myself not wait so long before going to college. I have had very pleasant experiences and I have learned and grown so much. College is truly the best thing that I could have ever done. I would tell myself not to be afraid of change and to accept it as a part of me. Everything changes and with a good education it can only change for the best.

Hija Mae

Students, once you are admitted to a university and start new chapters of your lives, you should never forget about the place that you came from. The place that you were born and raised symbolizes many significant values and morals that were embedded in you from your society. First, you should never take anyone for granted especially the ones who have helped you succeed in life and support you with your future endeavors. You should always be grateful for people who are freely willing to assist you with your needs. In addition to being appreciative, you should never lose sight of the main reason why you are attending college; to further your education, earn a degree, and eventually have a career. Unfortunately, it is easy to get distracted in a world away from parents. With that said, you should not disappoint your parents; they only want what is best for you. Ultimately, you should make your parents proud and prove to them that they have raised you well and this can be illustrated through your actions. Overall, you should never settle for the least. In other words, dream big and be determined to make an enormous impact on the world.


Amber, this is the future you and I have seen the negative side of not going to college right after high school. I have seen, Amber the negative side of not listening to your parents, especially when they have exposed their mistakes to you so that you wouldn't go down their path to ensure that you would have a better quality of life than they had. I have seen this road and only because of the grace and mercy of God, I am now able to have hope, I go to the School of my dreams now and know that I will make it. So past Amber take it from the future you. Listen next time to the advice you are given the first time around! The people of old know what they are talking about and even though there is hope in my life now and God is with me, I wish that I hadn't of went down such a horrible road to get here. It is so much better to go down a lighter road so don't be so hard headed. Amber, now let the past go and come on down to your future.


Do your research, don't allow pressure from Universities to inhibit your decision, and be true to yourself and intuition in selection of a University/Community College, etc. Best wishes!!


In the midst of great challenges, you must take the opportunity to be come "great". Life will teach you alot, but the lessons learned while obtaining a higher education are skills learned to produce a life of "excellence". The following quote is a perfect sumation regarding education: "...... Excellence is the result of caring about what you do, and of putting your very best effort into what you care about. Excellence is an outward expression of inner integrity, and few things are more valuable than that.... ...... Excellence is a product of your attitude. Excellence is a product of your passion and commitment. A life devoted to excellence is not easy, and can at times be frustrating and painful. Yet a life without excellence is even worse, because the pain of regret for what could have been is a pain that never ceases..... ..... Excellence is an investment that continues to pay dividends long after the effort has been made." ~ Ralph Marston Life has a lot to offer and we choose excellence over settling for the mundane we can be come the "mover and shakers" of our generation to make the world around us a better place in which to call home.


I would tell my self to go to college and get my degree. I am a mother of three and a grandmother of three and working three jobs. I did first attend college right after high school, but only went for one semester. I got pregnant and got married. I tried again after the divorce in 2002, and just couldn't focus. Well here I am! I have been back in for a total of one year, and I am loving it. I do owe it to my first instructor in Humanities. She made the coming back to school awesome. She also let me know what I was doing was the right thing to do. I would also let myself know that nothing ever comes easy. But considering what it would be like with out an education can make things even harder; which I have absolutely done things the hard way. I have taught my two oldest children, who are girls, know how important it is to take care of them first. Get your education first; the rest will fall into place. You just never know what life is going to bring for you and you need to be prepared.


I didnt really have a hard time transitioning to GCU. they made it really easy but i think i would tell myself just go for it all and do well in school.


Advising myself starts as being weary of credit cards, as even though they are sweet and nice to spend, it is also comes to an end when you get the bill. When I turned 18 I decided to get credit cards and before I graduated high school, I was in credit card debt. This could of gotten me a lot of student loans of the private nature and of private sources, although even student loans both private and public is risky in nature as you are in debt with that after college. Apply for much grant/scholarship aid as you can Michael. Loans are the enemy and become a snow bank and are bigger and bigger by college end. Find a relatively good and inexpensive college, even though is not your dream education. I wanted the Ivy Leaguer school and paid the price. A school offering the same degree of a cheaper value would have sufficed. Take time in your scholarship essay and applications. My applications for scholarship looked like I was a five year old drawing for the first time. I was disappointed and missed a lot of scholarship opportunities on part of messy scholarship applications. Be smart OK.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would first tell myself to believe in who I am. It might seem simple, but I think a lot of people do not know what they are capable of. This was definitely the case with me. I was afraid of failing in college even though I had all the tools I need to be successful. I had a capability beyond what many others might have upon graduation, and I let my fear defer me from reaching for my dreams. I would tell myself to reach for the dreams and not to be afraid. Fear is a strong thing, and when it is not overcome, one can spend a lifetime regretting it. I spent many years wishing I had gone back to school and used my God given intellect for a greater purpose. I would save myself the regret and pain if I could and tell myself to go to college because nothing is worse than wondering if you could have done it the first time.


As I sit at my desk in my college dorm room I find my mind drifting back to last year as I sat in one of my high school classrooms hearing just another person talk about their great college experience. I remember eventually hearing the person talk about how the transition from the comforts of your childhood home and your new college home is not easy. When the person would get to this part I would always think "well that will not be a problem for me since I am SO ready to leave home." Now that I am ten weeks into my college experience I realize that I should have taken that advice seriously. Although I did not find the transition to be unbearable, I definitely did not find it to be flawless either. If I was to reverse time and go talk to myself during my senior year I would tell myself to spend as much time with loved ones as possible by taking advantage of each and every moment. I would also tell myself not to worry to much because everything will be better than okay, in fact it will end up great!


The advice I would give myself if i could go back in time, would be to listen and trust myself as well as my strengths. Push myself to work harder and give myself more opportunities to gain scholarships. I would tell myself to focus on what I want to accomplish and where I want to be in the next five years. Also not to get distracted by negative people or negative results so I am able to reach my goals in life. Finally, I would tell myself to never give up. Circumstances seen and unseen will arise and it will cause me to second guess myself, but I must have faith and keep pushing myself to stay the course I have set for myself and for my life.


One vital piece of advice I'd give myself would've been to study harder for SAT's or ACTS. They're an important piece when applying for scholarships and grants for college. Some states such as Florida, offer programs that depending on what you score on your SATs and ACTs will pay anywhere from ten percent to one-hundred percent of your college. I'd also tell myself get motivation on applying for scholarships so I wouldn't struggle later in order to receive any. I wouldn’t want to rely on loans with no job for steady income and end up in debt from lack of motivation and hard work. I’d let me know that the transition part from high school to college isn’t difficult but takes sheer focus in order to strive towards the goals I have set for myself. I’d make sure to maintain the skill sets I have of time management and organization will come in handy throughout college and the rest of my career.


Dont worry about your parents, they will be fine without you. You dont have to know what your path is right away because your school will help provide you with experiences and challenges that will help you discover what path you will take. Take more time to experience life and enjoy learning new things. If you struggle ask for help. Remember you are a child and deserve to be a kid. Dont grow up too fast or take on the responsibility of others or you wont have time to be happy. Follow your heart and trust in GOD.


Do your best in high school. Take college and my career more seriously. Take more pride in myself and my abilities.


if i was able to go back in time i would tell my self to not screw around in school and do the best i can and get good grades. make sure to study two hours a night for each class i have. Make sure that you ask lots of question when you dont understand something. be careful as for the friends you choose because they can break or change your life. while in school always make sure you can make your points come across as clear as possible. It is also important to make sure that you have an open line of communication with teachers, counselors, principles, assistant principles, and book keepers. I also would have kept god closer to my heart and everyday bring him into my school work. in my life now i cant change the past and i have to go with the future and change my life from the time i enter college until the time i finish my schooling. i have to finish with honors and walk down that isle because i did not get to in high school. this is my one dream for the future.


My senior year in high school the last thing I wanted to do was become a teacher. All my family are educators and I wanted nothing to do with it. Now twenty five years later I have come around! I would tell myself do not wait 25 years to go to school to be a teacher, do it now! I do know the last 25 years God has been preparing me to be the best teacher I can be. And has given me a heart for the special students that I work with. And I would not give back those years in exchange for anything. God has me right where he wants me to be and I plan on continuing to follow where HE leads me.


I would tell myself to go with the place that speaks to your heart. the decision of where to go should not be decided because of what your parents want or where your friends go. when you choose the college you're going to go to it needs to be a place that makes you feel good on the inside as well as has all of the things you feel you need for your comfort. otherwise it is really unlikely that you will suceed. I would also tell myself to remember that while the social life is important the acedemic part is even more so and that it's okay to make your friends wait to hang out as long as you are making some acedemic progress.


If I could go back to high school I would tell my self to apply for more scholarships, not spend so much money, and save as much as possible. I would tell myself to study more in college and to go straight to a four year University not to a junior college, because it wont be challanging enough and will seem like im still in high school. I would tell myself not to get overwhelmed with the size of the college I go to, that it might seem like you will never find your classes at first but after awhile you will know where everything is.

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