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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Although my transition from high school to college wasn't that difficult, if I could go back into time and have a conversation with myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to take my high school classes a lot more seriously because college is a review of a lot of things that we should have learned in high school. I would tell myself to buckle down and study more and forget about the crtisisms of others because the value of an education is important. I would also tell myself that the key to my success in college starts with me believing in myself and striving to do my best in high school.


DO IT EARLY! The hardest thing that I have found is that I waited a lot longer than I should have to get this done. Right out of high school, your level of responsibility is much lower. You have basic living necessities to account for, maybe rent an apartment with some friends, gas, insurance. Now, I have been out of school for 10 years. I am married, have 3 kids, a house, a full time job, 3 car payments, insurance, and fees for the kids and their schooling. It is pretty much impossible to go to a traditional college and get that degree that I have always wanted. Thankfully there are schools out there now that allow me to get that degree, but it is much much harder. So I would tell myself, don't wait! It is only going to get harder as time goes on. There will be more hurdles to jump over, and if you aren't dedicated enough, you will never get it done. Get the schooling out of your way so you can get on with making the most of your life!!


If I could go back in time, knowing what I know now, I would say the obstacles I faced were minor in comparison to what I I faced later. The benefits of having a college education at the beginning of my work career would have made a big difference in the decisions I have made. I would have been better prepared to make decisions. I wouldn?t be struggling to find a job. I have always had a job until now, but times are harder and jobs are scarce. If I had gotten my degree right out of high school, I would be the one making the decision to keep someone or let the go. My children?s lives have been affected by my lack of a degree. They would probably be more settled and secure if I had my degree because I would have had more confidence in my abilities. I realize after going to college for two years that I can succeed and make top grades. It?s never too late to get your degree, but life is a lot easier if you get it while you are younger. College gives you the confidence to succeed in life.


Stay focused and don't procrastinate on school work. Pace yourself, homework and chores come before plessure. Taking a break is not a good idea, the time goes fast. Its only four years of your life, furthering is your choice. A high school diploma does not guaranty a job, especially a good job. If you desire a six figure income, you must have higher education. Most importantly, your parents cannot support you your entire life. At some point you must realize its not cool to live with your parents when your almost thirty years old. Getting financial aid is not easy when your almost thirty.


I would advise myself to have stayed in college. I started college at age 16. I would tell myself that even though it was hard to learn in a normal teaching environment that it would be worth it. Worth it to not have to be working full time and attending school at the same time.


If I could go back in time and offer advice to myself as a high school senior, I would definitely stress the fact that you have to study in college. I graduated from high school with a dual seal with distinction diploma and as an Honor Roll student. Back then, the course work came easy for me and I never had to study. Once I got to college, and I realized that I actually needed to study, I did not know how. I feel that if a course could be designed for high school students to literally teach them how to study, that it would be a great aid for the students and we wouldn't see such a drop in GPA for college freshmen.


I definitely tell myself to study harder. Make better grades and apply myself more. Be sure you make the right decisions when it comes to who you hang around. Listen to your parents, you are the child and they are the adult. Focus more on your studies and becoming successful. Don't let anyone tell you, you can't achieve your goals.


I would advise myself to find a school that provides smaller classes size-wise. Go to school first, then apply for OTS in the military. Last, study more and more often.


As a high school senior I was very excited about the world possibilities ahead of me. It is common for a young person to feel empowered to conquer the world. At 18 you are full of youth, energy and excitement. At the same time however, one may fail to think carefully how a decision can affect your future. I would tell mysefl (and I know I would not have listened) that a boy is not worth it. Don't hold on to a boy thinking he will run away. Choosing love is not a catastrophe, but you just have to deal with the choices you make. I think that one of the most important steps in making the transition from high school to college is realizing that the transtion is a great time to grow up and mature. Be a little selfish and analytical about thinking about your future. Know that your choices will create a domino effect in your life. Don't look just at the now or short future. Really think about your future. Work on the areas of your life that you know will make you succesful in college and life.


I may have a different perspective on this question than most. I am returning to college after a 25 year absence. If I could return and talk to myself as a high-school senior, there are several things I would say. First and most importantly, I would remind myself what my parents always taught me. A college education is the foundation for the rest of life. I would have to remind myself that the dreams I had for my life and carreer as a young child must be followed. Do not allow anything to cause you to stray from your goals. There is absolutely nothing more important in your life right now than a college education, it will open up the world for you. College is a transition. It is a time to explore ourselves and the world, through knowledge. Apply yourself completely, don't get distracted. There will be freedom you may not have had before in making daily decisions. Always remember that every decision you make, no matter how trivial it may seem, will affect the rest of your life. Enjoy your time at college, learn all that you can. A college education is the foundation for everything.


Present Day Self: I know this might sound exactly like what your parents and your teachers are telling you, but you need to listen to me carefully. Next year you will be going off to college and you will fail out of your first year. High School Self: Sure... PDS: It's true. You go away to college and even though you stand by your conviction now, that you will not just party while you are there... HSS: (Sarcastically) I fail out. PDS: Yeah you do. The only thing you have to show for your first year is a blurred memmory of nights at the frat houses and days of all night cram sessions before tests, because you told yourself, I could do it in high school so why not now. That and student loan debt of about $12,000. HSS: That won't happen. I won't let it. PDS: That is what I said. But unless you stop thinking that you pass by doing all nighters like you did in High School you will end up like me. Twenty nine years old and still trying to finish my degree online because of my attitude during my first year.


Focus more on your work than everyone else around you and homework is SO important!


I would tell myself to make sure I am positive in what I want to pursue as a career. Recognize what my strengths and talents are early on so I can realize early on what I would enjoy doing. I would also tell my self to budget my money better and only purchase something that is an absolute must.


I would tell myself to try harder. That high school is easy compared to college life and life in general. And I would tell myself to prepare better financially and to not be scared to ask for help in applying for college, that if you ask the right people for help that it can be a fairly easy and exciting process. I would also tell myself to do my research on what I want to do and how to plan on achieving those goals, and that no goal in unattainable as long as you put your mind to it.


I would tell myself to pay more attention to the price of the school, to make sure that I am getting the most bang for my buck. Conjointly I would tell myself to travel more, though it is expensive, it will help get a feel for all the different experiences and to pay attention locations, atmosphere, and tempo of the campus, and activities along the lines of greek life, etc. I wish I made sure I made a decision more focused on what would suits my personality, and what makes me happy, over what third parties may have wanted and looked for in a universities. Lastly, but what reins most important is that I had the proper major for my personality and that suits my liking, because being happy with what you are doing makes the school work less stressful.


If I could talk to myself as a senior I would have allot to say, first of all during senior year it is important to do the best you can in academics, even though there is allot going on it is necessary to keep your head on straight. When applying to colleges grades are important in order for acceptance but another big part of college is money. Having good grades will help to gain more scholarships which will allow you to attend the school you want to. Also I would let myself know not to worry if you are not exactly sure what you want to do when you start college, do not rush into anything and when you do find something you enjoy look into it as much as you can, a great way to do this is find a way to volunteer. I am a nursing major in college and am looking forward to becoming a nurse but I wish I had some experience in the field before I began majoring in it. I would lastly tell myself don't worry what others think about the things you do and the choices you make involving college.


I would advise myself to apply for as many scholarships and grants as possible to ensure free funding for my college education. I would also advise myself to leave home and go to a school out of my hometown. I would learn more by living on campus and experiencing the college life than staying home with my mother and socializing with old friends who are not in school. I would also advise myself to find friends with common goals and a purpose. Friends that are not in school or do not desire success will slow me down and possibly stop my education process. Finally, I would advise myself to avoid all relationships with the opposite sex. They will distract me and bring my focus to them and not the education. My teachers and counselors should be my support, not a man that I meet around the school's campus. In conclusion, my advice, to my high school senior self, would be focus, focus, focus and finish your degree now and not later.


Take your time, rushing only makes things more complicated. Don't be in a hurry to grow-up by moving out, getting a job while trying to get your education. There is plenty of time for grown up issues, take time to be young and stupid while focusing on your education.


I would sit myself down and apologize. In high school I was really hard on myself. Growing up in foster care you have to be tough. Even though I was the nicest guy, I was very insecure. If I saw the old Terrance I would tell him, " You can make it buddy. You dont have to please any body but your heart. Dont discard it, listen to it. Your heart has alot to say." About college life I would him, "Stick to it buddy. You know you cant do this by yourself. Dont be so stubborn ask for help. Remember that there are no stupid questions. I also believe in you." In high school, I had low self esteem and I was scared. I was told that I wouldnt make it to high school and that I would not graduate. Well i made it. I would also tell little Terrance that his past is not his future. That he may share the same blood as a codependent mother and a drug addicted father, but that is not all he was meant to be. College is available and has so much to offer him. He can do this.


I would tell myself not to stress out so much and to just always do my best and follow my dreams. I knew what I wanted to do back then but I was always worried about other people too much to realize it. Live your life.


If I could go back and be a high school senior and how to make the transition to college life, I would tell myself to do it. Don't put it off, don't wait but to get in there and make it happen. I am 44 years old and just now getting into the whole college experience and it's not the same. I can't just enjoy the experience and be a student because I have to juggle career, family, and school. If I had the opportunity to do this all over again; I would dive right into school and not wait and not make excuses why I could not do it but make solutions so that I might do it.


If I could go back in time to when I was a senior in High School, I would tell myself to take the classes that mean something and to not just goof around. I would also tell myself to prepare myself for college. I would explain that I need to go when I graduate, that not going to college is not an option. I would also say to look for as many scholarships as I can find because every penny helps. The last thing that I would tell myself is that I will feel so good about myself when I am in college, knowing that I am working towards a better future for myself.


I realize now that the experience of college could be one of the greatest things to experience in your lifetime. I took a job instead of doing college then and missed out on that. I am now 43 and going back but I have to do it online now because of having a family and job, etc. This is a time that you will be free, will be able to experience things, not bad or illegal, that you can not do anywhere else. College is a time to study, to learn not just classes but life and how you will be able to handle things on your own. I met the wonderful person I am married to now but missed out on the college experience becuase I chose the woman I loved. She is now standing behind me as a I go back to school now at my age and I want to complete that journey.


1. Evaluate your options. Just because you got into your number one school doesn't mean you should go 2. Apply for as many scholaship as possible. School is very expensive. 3. Studying is very important. You want to have fun in college but you are there to learn. 4. Get involved with your professors. They can help you maintain your grades as well as write letters on your behalf that could help you get into graduate school or a job, etc


I would tell myself to stick with college until finished. I have wasted many years procrastinating on picking back up on my degree.


The advice I would give myself would be just to go to college. If you do not have a specific interest then talk to a counselor. The counselor can provide guidance and direction so that you are not wasting your time taking classes that will lead to nowhere. College is a place where you can take a class to pursue your interests, there are classes in dance, jewelry making, and photography just to name a few. Once you become aware of your goal stick to it until it is completed. Always complete co-requisites prior to entering a program especially if you are pursuing a degree such as nursing and be sure to set your goals on the highest degree possible. Do not limit yourself, then you will have no regrets. Gaining knowledge is infectious. Do not think that because your family does not have money that you can not attend college. There are numerous programs available to help you, all you have to do is ask and apply. Good luck.


If I could travel back in time to talk to myself as a senior, I armed with evidence to prove that there were a series of mistakes I was about to make that would effect my life for a very long time. The first of these being turning down the Navy's offer to pay for my college degree. In my time since high school, I have survived on my skills and knowledge gained from practical experience. This is great but it does not hold up without an undergraduate or graduate degree. I managed to make it to a junior VP position, untill the economy crashed. Now without the degree, I am last in line for new jobs in business. I was fortunate to have some investment properties to keep me going but, had I been a better student in my senior year and taken the offer of further education from the Navy coming out of High School, I would not be unemployed right now. I would stress to myself the importance of continuing my education and not looking at the here and now but the down the road as well.


Kristina, if you don't change your ways of being a student , college will be so hard for you. If you listen to your instuctors, do your class and homework with high standards for yourself, you will be so much of a better student in college than if you don't. High school is only training for going to college. Yes, it is hard, and yes it feels unrewarding for your future. By training yourself now, to take pride in your school work, college will be much easier for you later. In college you will have so much more freedoms to learn who you are as an individual. The life of a college student is much more involved in self discipline. You must discipline your self NOW, for your future.


If I was able to go back in time and give some words of wisdom to myself. I would make sure that I understand how important it is to stay focused and to stay on task. Everyone doesn't have the opportunity to go further in their education. And I would give myself the advice of not looking at what my friends are doing, when determining my future. I have to decide for myself which road I need to take. How important education is to my future. I can't allow my circumstances to dictate my future. I would make sure that I not only give myself the necessary advice so that I could succeed but pass along the wisdom to my peers. I know some words fall on deaf ears, but they will at least have the opportunity to decide for themselves. No one holds the key to your future or success by you.


If I could go back to my senior year of high school the advices I we give myself are; focus more on the goal of the college. I would remind myself to apply for more of the scholarship for that school. I would also ask about the different activities i could do to get me more qualified.


When I was in my senior year, I was approved for several grants, but lived more than a hundred miles from the university I wanted to attend and was unsure about having the means to move so far away. Also, I got involved in a relationship that distracted me from my previous goals. If I were able to advise myself, way back in 1986, I would say, "Stay focused! Finishing high school with a 3.5 or higher is your absolute priority! Take advantage of those grants, attend community college and work until you have the money saved to go to University. Study the criteria and re-payment plans for student loans very carefully, and use all your resources to plan ahead for a four year education. Be diligent until that four years in your first choice for a major is complete! There is plenty of time and resources available to pursue a degree in your second choice. Don't let the choices overwhelm you."


I would tell myself to work harder in school. I mean its good to have friends, but its not good to do drugs, and let your grades drop. I wouldn't go out and party so much and end up pregnant. Now its harder to do school work with children needing your attention. With my God's help also my husbands help it is possible to have time to myself just to complete my classwork


I would tell myself that I did a great job Senior year. I would say that I should not slack off because good grades pay off. I would say that college is not cheap and that any scholarship will help. I would say that I need to spend more time doing homework than talking on the phone or texting. I would say that I should not cram to study for an exam the night before. I would say that college will be fun but it takes hard work to get there. I would say that boys are a waste of time and to focus on my career. I would say that I should spend time looking through scholarships online and around the neighborhood to get money for college. Finally I would say that the first year of college will be the best because it is a sociable year to meet great people. I would also say not to worry about how I am going to get into college. Also that I will be attending Grand Canyon University.


It would be such a wonderful opportunity to go back in time and give advice to myself. As an 18 year old college freshman with a very sheltered background, I was very unprepared for the new challenges I faced as a college student vs. a high school student. I was unaware of many of the financial responsibilities facing adults, including the costs associatied with higher education. I would definitely educate myself more thoroughly. I would also pass along the importance of concentration and note taking in class. My education is for my benefit alone! It is important to maximize my time in class and truly enjoy the process of learning. I would share with my younger self the simple joy of learning both for goals as well as pleasure. One lesson that only the process of growing older and maturing can teach us is the value of our time. I would be sure to share with my younger self the importance of using my time wisely, and not squandering it away foolishly. But more important than all of these life lessons would be to teach myself the value of appreciating the joy of simply living in the moment.


Look around you and observe what is going on not only in your world but in the world around you. Use all of your senses when assessing the world. Learn to know yourself and what you stand for and what you want to stand for. Set goals and develop a plan on how to attain those goals, but know that there may be many roadblocks along the way. Be prepared to work hard and accept dissappointment along with success. Treat all others as you would want to be treated. Give credit where credit is due. You can learn something from everyone you come in contact with, take what you learn and make the most of it. Be prepared to give it your all. You may be required to make many sacrifices to be able to meet the goals you have set but in the end they will be worth it.


Knowing what I know now I would tell myself not to change schools in the middle of my senior year. I would also tell myself to stay in college rather than dropping out the first time to take care of my siblings. I would also tell myself to focus more on school and less on partying that way my grades would have been higher the first time around.


Advice about the transition would involve making sure I knew it was not just important to go to college, but to listen to the recommendation of your instructors even if they do not make sense at the time. The staff is there to help and serve your educational needs so they know best. My advice for my lifestyle at that time would have been to save on some expenses go to community college first to finish up what required courses you can at a discounted cost and then transfer in to a university to finsih your program. Do your research, dont feel like you only have one path to get the career you want. Most times their are multiple paths to take to reach your goals. The best advice I would tell myself would be not to take student loans unless absolutely necessary, under extreme circumstances. Use other resources and take the time to apply for grants, scholarships, and goverenment programs to assis in paying for your education. Also, some jobs will pay for part or all of your education if they know you will stay in that field. Lastly, my advice would be to work hard and do great!




If I could go back and talk to myself, I would tell myself that I need to continue on right away at the university level for my Bachelors Degree instead of getting my Associates Degree then waiting ten years to go back to school. I would let myself know that education is very important in todays society and that I really need to put in the time and effort to accomplish my goals and dreams sooner than later. I would also tell myself to make sure to enjoy everything that college life has to offer because you only get one real shot and life is too short not to enjoy everything education has to offer.


I would work harder at school and focus more on taking certain classes that are more valuable to a college education. I would participate in more extracurricular activities, and dedicate myself more to school and looking for a possible carreer. I would have also applied for more scholarships, and worked more with my high school counselor.


Make some new friends immediately! Give yourself time to rest, but also make sure you set aside time to work on homework. Listen to your professors, do what they say, and if you disagree with them on something, let them know. Do not simply show them you think you have a better way or understand something in a different way. Talk to them first. Remember to call home frequently, and tell your parents you love them every time you talk to them. Be thankful. Even in homework. It makes the entire experience that much more fulfilling and worth it.


If I could go back to 1990-1991, I would tell myself to take the harder classes and get an A, B or even a C, instead of taking the easier classes and getting A's. I would tell myself to volunteer and give back to my community. It makes you feel good. I would tell myself that my dreams and goals should never be put on hold or forgotton. That I could be anything despite what the guidance counsler said. I would tell myself to go to college and to join the military,That if I work hard and follow my dreams that I could work for National Geographic, be a chef, or even be a MD. I would tell myself to work hard and save my money, and take my credit score seriously because good credit goes a long way in this world. To love my family and to trust in my God. Be brave and stand up for myself and my dreams. I would tell myself find and get involved in the clubs and groups that will help my future.


Would have taken more college level classes to allow myself to get a head start on my college credits. Remeber also that everything you do and all classes you take will follow you for all your life. Take everything very serious and remember there is a reason and purpsoe for all you do.


Well I would tell myself not to stop and contiune furthing you education. I reget not completing school and after all these years I am proud to return but I notice the time lost can not be regain again.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to focus and stay goal-oriented no matter what obstacles that come my way. I would tell myself to make sure that I do not lose sight of priorities when it comes to work and school. I would tell myself to use the resources that has been given to me as much as possible and to be wise with the classes and time you choose to take them. Also, I would tell myself to continue in taking Honor Classes because they will truly payoff in the long run.


Remember to keep an open mind and experience new adventures and activities. But never forget your upraising nor leave your foundation; simply add to it. College is more than studying non-stop. In fact, you will learn more about yourself and humanity in general than through any book knowledge you will attain--and that is a good thing. Because, social skills, responsibilities that come with independence, and life experiences are more important, reliable and useful for the real world than any material you will cram in your brain for exams and essays. Never hold back thinking you will have tomorrow. Do not put anything off. Love right now and cherish the memories and sensations inside of you forever. Do not leave stepping stone untouched.


The advice I would give myself is know my major and enjoy school. I started at a community college but I could not decide on what was the right career for me, so I spent some time just taking fun classes but not the ones for my major. This was difficult because when I found out what I wanted to do, I realized that if I wanted to transfer to a university in two years and begin the nursing program, I needed quite a few classess. I managed to complete all of the prerequisites in time, but it was quite stressful taking three biology classes in one semester. The transition from high school to college was a very interesting one, and I would reccommend just enjoy yourself and do not worry about clothes or being in the right crowd because in the end it's up to you to decide what you want to do with your life and no one else can make that decision for you. So enjoy college take some fun classes like guitar or mythology, and do what you really love.


If I could go back in high school and give myself any advice, it would be to slow down. I would tell myself to slow down in all aspects of life. I don?t have to impress anyone as long as I?m happy with myself and that one day, someone will be impressed by me. I would tell myself that college is important, but being happy with my own decisions is as equally important. College is a great time and it should be taken seriously but it?s also a time to have fun and develop lifelong friendships. The quote ?there is a time and place for everything? truly sums up ?college life?. I don?t need to attend any parties. I?m not that type. However, taking an evening off from studying to enjoy the smell of nature, to take a stroll in the park to watch a toddler learn something new or simply to enjoy the simple things that this life has to offer is okay! At the end of the day, when I lay my head on my pillow at night, I know I?m doing the best I can and that?s good enough.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that the expectations are higher and that it doesn't matter what grade you think you deserve, the teacher will give you the grade he/she believes you deserve. The transition from high school to college is a huge step and I wasn't ready for the transition. However, when I started college I realized that the stakes are higher and the rules are stricter. The advice I gave myself was that I can't use the same work habits in college that I used in high school because I knew that I wouldn't succeed in college, so I changed my habits and I believe that I can succeed in college


College is an important decision and one that needs to be made carefully. It should be taken seriously. There are alot of great schools but finding one that fits your needs is really important.

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